In a highly anticipated move, video game developer Kotaku has announced that their popular, yet controversial, game "No Man's Sky" will be making its debut on Xbox One this summer. The game, up to this point, has only been available on PC and there had been little hope for a console version.

This is great news for Kotaku as the release of "No Man's Sky," up to this point, has been underwhelming at best.

The arrival on Xbox will also bring the largest update to the game yet. Next, as it is being called, should not only continue to improve the overall scope of the game but also iron out any issues related to the switch to console.

This will be the fourth update so far for "No Man's Sky." The previous updates will all be included in the Xbox version upon release.

Problems with the PC version

When the game was initially announced, it has a premise that was unlike any game ever created. A literal galaxy was created with nearly infinite planets to explore. On those planets, you could find any combination of species or other life.

All of this made for a truly unique experience in the world of online gaming. Theoretically, you could play forever and continue to encounter and find things you have never seen before.

One major flaw, however, was the sheer massiveness of the game. Players complained that they could travel for eons and not run into another player.

It made for an online game that was anything but multiplayer.

Kotaku has released several expansions, free to players, to work on the scope of the game. Previous updates Foundation, Pathfinder, and Atlas Rises all have helped correct a number of player complaints, but there is still work to do.

The next update that is coming with the Xbox One version is expected to be their most massive update yet.

The idea is, it should make the transition to console as smooth as possible.

The developers are very aware that they cannot have another faulty rollout of the Xbox version that plagued the original PC debut.

What to expect on Xbox One

Utilizing Xbox Live, "No Man's Sky" should give the game new life as an entirely new audience gets its chance to experience the game.

If they are able to keep players engaged through the multiplayer experience, it could bode very well for the long-term aspirations of the game.

Future updates could be built more for the Xbox experience, and that is exactly what Kotaku is banking on. If they are to reach the outermost stars in real life, they need to tap into the console market and perform well.