The Odell Beckham era in New York is coming to a close as a trade is becoming more and more likely for the disgruntled wide receiver. After announcing that he wouldn't take the field until he gets a new contract extension, it came down to who would budge first, Beckham or Giants management.

The team is unlikely to pay Beckham the $20M per year that he is requesting, especially after the down year that both he and the team suffered through in 2017. Now, Beckham has been privately telling Rams players that he wants in and to make a deal happen. It is hard to see Beckham playing again in New York at this point.

The Los Angeles Rams want him

Since the news of discord within New York became public, the Los Angeles Rams have been active in showing their interest in adding the young star. Beckham would be a perfect fit for Jared Goff as the quarterback enters his third season in the league. 2017 showed that Goff is anything but a bust and a weapon like Beckham could put the offense over the top.

The defense has been busy this offseason, adding Ndamukong Suh, Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters. For a defense that was one of the best in the league last year, the new additions make them downright scary heading into 2018.

The win now approach is spreading to the offense. The Rams enjoy the luxury of having massive salary cap space, since several of their stars, like Goff and Todd Gurley, are currently still playing on their rookie deals.

It is really smart of the team to take advantage of their cap situation to stock up as much as possible. A trade for Beckham might give them one of the best offseasons that any team has had in recent memory. In a few years, they won't have this luxury when their current crop of young stars look to cash in on free agency.

What's it going to take to get Beckham?

The Giants have gone on the record as saying they want at least two first-round picks in a trade for Beckham. His current comments don't help his trade value as it is clear this relationship is nearing its end. Los Angeles has the draft capital and cap space to make a move on Beckham. They could give this year's first, an additional mid-round pick, and then next year's first-round picks and that should be enough to get a deal done.

The team is clearly going all-in right now with the other moves they have made this offseason. Letting Sammy Watkins go was a tough blow for the receiving corps, but adding Beckham would be more than an upgrade and would make the offense just as scary as the defense.