Stephen Curry is the two time MVP, the league first Unanimous MVP, he has two rings, and he is widely regarded as the best shooter of all time. But there are some strong logical reasons why he might not win another MVP in the near future.

The first and the biggest reason is Kevin Durant. Arguably the best small forward in the league today, Kevin Durant is undoubtedly the fan favorite on the Warriors roster at the moment. He is the answer to Lebron James, the 'Chosen One,' who looked unstoppable in the 2016 NBA Playoffs. Not only is Durant a better defender, but he's also a better equipped to handle all the physicality associated with the league.

Curry is averaging around 28 points a contest, whereas Durant is currently averaging about 26 a game.

Fans will always be divided between Curry and Durant

There might not be a huge gap between their scoring prowess, but the rebound stats tell a different story. Curry is averaging five rebounds per game, while Durant is averaging almost seven per game this season. What makes rebound stats so important? It’s simple, the team that gets more offensive rebounds will always have more scoring opportunities. The squad that collects more defensive rebounds limits the other group from getting more scoring chances. As long as Kevin Durant is on the team, Curry will never win another MVP. The fans vote will always be divided among the two, and that will always make players from other teams look better- like Westbrook or Harden.

Is Steph Curry an average defender?

Well, Curry can’t do a chase-down block like Draymond Green, Lebron James or Kevin Durant. He isn’t a great on-ball defender. But on-ball defense is not the only form of defense there is. Anyone who watches Golden State games knows that he is a pretty good 'off the ball' defender. One might even call him underrated in this category.

'Off the ball' defense simply means guarding an offensive player when he or she doesn’t have the ball. In this case, an 'off the ball' defender can prevent a player from gaining good positioning to take a shot or prevent the player from receiving a setup pass. Curry can do this with such finesse that it’s sad that it never gets much acknowledgment from fans or pundits.

Added to the fact that he is the best shooter in the league, he certainly looks the part of an MVP candidate. There will always be an argument that starts with “He has Durant, who takes care of the defense for him” or “Yes, we will see how good he does when Durant is not on the court.” Granted, many of those arguments are ludicrous, but they do exist.

In all honesty, the most likely winner of the MVP trophy so far this season, is Houston's James Harden. He has been on a scoring spree this year, much like Russel Westbrook did last season.