Lonzo Ball was going to the Lakers. His dad said so. But whether or not Lonzo will stay in L.A. is still up in the air according to some new Lakers trade rumors that have him headed for OKC. It's no secret that Lonzo and his dad LaVar Ball have their hearts set on being the one to save the Lakers. Now it looks like he might have to wait in line because the Lakers rise back to the top could be on the shoulders of Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, and Paul George.

The Lakers have struggled for several seasons and now, with Magic Johnson in the front office, it looks like things are going to turn around quickly.

Just how fast the Lakers become playoff contenders again depends on how aggressive Los Angeles plays the 2017 NBA free agency.

No matter what the Los Angeles Lakers do, they're in a great position for the 2017-18 NBA season. Lonzo Ball was a superb NBA draft pick and his addition to the Lakers team will certainly upgrade them and possibly even get them to the playoffs. However, a Lakers team with Westbrook, James, and George is like taking a rocket ship to the top. That group of NBA stars would easily compete with the Golden State Warriors for the West and create another Lakers dynasty.

Even knowing how badly Lonzo wants to be the next Lakers star, how could Magic Johnson pass up an opportunity to bring on three megastars like LeBron James, Paul George, and Russell Westbrook.

..together...on the same team? With all this talk about "superteams" this would be the answer to the Golden State Warriors, who overtook the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2017 NBA Finals in just five games.

Now keep in mind, this is a Lakers rumor, but even the LA Sports Hub is considering how this might work.Paul George is on the trading block, that's no secret.

Since George has made it clear that he plans to leave the Pacers next year anyway, the smart thing to do is trade him now and get something for him.

Russell Westbrook is in a similar position for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Westbrook has told the team that he doesn't want to leave and has been pretty loyal after Kevin Durant's exit.

However, Westbrook is from Los Angeles and just like Lonzo, he'd be a great hometown hero for the team. Would OKC consider trading Westbrook ahead of his free agency to avoid having him leave anyway, leaving them in the lurch the way Durant did?

That leaves LeBron James, who can join the two all-stars on the Lakers team next season when he becomes a free agent. Or, the Cleveland Cavs could also opt to start their rebuild now and see what L.A. is willing to give up in order for all three to meet up at Staples Center in the upcoming season?

There are a lot of moves being made in this NBA offseason. With just a few key moves, the Los Angeles Lakers could upgrade their team so much that they could go from not making the 2017 NBA Playoffs to a top contender for the 2018 NBA Finals.

Lonzo Ball wants LeBron James to come to the Lakers. So how mad would Lonzo be if the Lakers shift him out in favor of LeBron plus Russell Westbrook and Paul George?