The Cleveland Cavaliers are about to play the Boston Celtics once again this season, and this is the first game between the two teams that involves both of the superstars involved in the trade. When the two teams opened the season against each other, Kyrie Irving scored 22 points with 10 assists to lead Boston to a 102-99 win in a game that saw the Celtics lose Gordon Hayward for the season. However, the other half of that blockbuster trade, isaiah thomas, was out with an injury. As the two teams prepare to play tonight, both of those stars will be on the court, but the news coming into the game involves another superstar - LeBron James.

LeBron James future with Cavaliers in doubt

LeBron James spoke to Cleveland Cavaliers team owner Dan Gilbert about his long-term plans with the team before they executed the Boston Celtics trade that sent Kyrie Irving out of town and brought in Isaiah Thomas. In the conversation, ESPN reports that LeBron refused to commit to the team beyond the 2017-18 NBA season when asked by Gilbert.

Right before the season started, it sounds like LeBron James still hasn't come to a decision about his future. With the Cleveland Cavaliers in third place in the Eastern Conference, and with Isaiah Thomas looking strong after his first game back with the team, LeBron still said that his decision "hasn't changed."

"Anytime I'm able to be free agent or my contract ends, I'll approach that when the summer comes," LeBron said.

LeBron decision won't affect this season

The good news for Cleveland Cavaliers fans is that they are in an excellent position to see another NBA Championship come to the franchise before anything with LeBron James happens. He has a no-trade clause, and he said that he won't leave Cleveland and wants to bring a title back to the city again.

He said in September that he is "still ready to lead this franchise to a championship."

However, as the ESPN report indicates, LeBron James wouldn't give his owner any guarantee that he was interested in remaining with the Cleveland Cavaliers past this season - whether they win or lose in the NBA Finals. The Cavs added players like Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose, and with Isaiah Thomas coming back from his injury, they look strong when it comes to another NBA FInals trip.

The entire situation now is whether or not LeBron James will give Cleveland Cavaliers fans any more of his career. He has never been close to Dan Gilbert and said at one time he owes nobody anything. If anything, Cavs fans should enjoy this season as much as they can because Cleveland might look very different next year.