Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles will be a hot commodity if the reigning Super Bowl champions decide to place him on the trading block. Foles led the Eagles to a huge upset win over the New England Patriots, but it remains to be seen whether or not he will continue to start when Carson Wentz returns from injury.

Arizona homecoming for the champion quarterback

And if the Eagles move Foles, the arizona cardinals were named among the ideal landing spots for the 29-year-old signal caller. If he gets traded to the Cardinals, it will be some homecoming for the veteran QB, having played college football in Arizona.

The Cardinals are expected to chase quarterbacks this offseason after finishing with an 8-8 record last season. However, Nick Rodriguez of 12up pointed out that Arizona does not have the cap space to lure top talents like Kirk Cousins. They do not have a high draft pick as well, making it hard for them to acquire a potential starter in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Rodriguez said that getting Foles from the Eagles makes perfect sense for the Cardinals. It will give them a starter who is just scheduled to earn $7 million next season. The Texas native proved his doubters wrong this season, especially after leading Philadelphia to an epic win over the Tom Brady-led Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

Sending a second-round pick to the Eagles might be enough to acquire Foles.

Rodriguez cited the trade history between the two teams, which made him believe that a Foles-to-Arizona scenario is not a long shot.

Aside from the Cardinals, the Denver Broncos and New York Jets were also named as possible landing spots. The Broncos and Jets are also looking to sign a quarterback, and are being linked to Cousins.

But if both teams strike out on Cousins, Denver and New York will likely focus on a trade for Foles.

Should Philadelphia trade Nick Foles?

While Foles is expected to be mentioned in trade rumors in the coming months, one NFL general manager thinks that Philadelphia should keep the champion QB. The rival GM told Sporting News that keeping the Super Bowl 52 Most Valuable Player is a “no-brainer” for the Eagles.

Wentz is expected fully recover from an ACL tear and will take the starting role from Foles again in the 2018 NFL season. The GM said that the Eagles should hold on to Foles first, and check how Wentz will perform coming off a major knee injury.

“If I’m the Eagles, I’m not moving Foles — at least not right now,” the GM said. “Wentz is coming off a significant surgery, he undoubtedly will be fine and 100 percent, but this is just his second year in the league. You want to see how he comes back from all this.”