The Los Angeles Lakers have a new face for the franchise in LeBron James, but they are expected to chase one more superstar to improve their title chances. Most fans and analysts expect them to wait until next free agency when Klay Thompson and Kawhi Leonard will become available.

New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis has decided to change agents, according to ESPN. The reported move generated speculations that Davis will eventually force his way out of New Orleans. Some concluded that the 25-year-old is now a step closer to joining LeBron James in Los Angeles.

Anthony Davis trade package could be centered on Brandon Ingram

Davis will now continuously be linked to the Los Angeles Lakers after reportedly agreeing to a deal with Rich Paul of Klutch Sports. Paul also represents James, and the four-time Most Valuable Player has the tendency of pushing to play with players who are also under Klutch Sports.

However, acquiring Davis will be easier said than done for the Lakers. Davis still has three years left in his contract with the Pelicans, which means that a blockbuster trade is the only way for the Lakers to bring him to Los Angeles. Good thing for them, it appears the Lakers have assets to entice the Pelicans.

According to Jason Reed of LA Sports Hub, the Lakers will not get Davis at a discounted rate.

He reported that a trade package will likely be focused around Brandon Ingram, who could show some flashes of brilliance playing alongside James early in the 2018-19 NBA season.

Aside from Ingram, the proposed trade package also includes rookies Moritz Wagner and Isaac Bonga. To make the deal work, the Lakers might have to throw in Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who has a one-year contract worth $12 million with the Lakers, and probably a future first-round pick as a sweetener.

Los Angeles Lakers could wait until 2020

While a trade before the deadline in February is not out of the picture, Reed also pointed out that playing the waiting game could be the best option for the Los Angeles Lakers. He pointed out that Los Angeles could wait until 2020 to strike a deal for the five-time NBA All-Star.

By then, the Pelicans will not have much leeway in trade discussions, knowing that Davis could way just walk away in free agency.

Instead of getting nothing in return, New Orleans is expected to be more willing to move Davis for a fair value in trades.

Reed also added that the Lakers will be in a much better position to compete. By 2020, they might have another superstar, as they are expected to sign either Leonard or Thompson next summer. Adding Davis to the fold will instantly make them a title favorite for several years.