The 2018 NFL free agency class is chock full of big named players, and it is going to be very interesting to see which ones stay put with their current squad and which ones decide to dawn a new jersey next fall. Right at the top of the free agency frenzy list is cornerback Malcolm Butler. Before last Sunday’s championship game, the odds of Butler leaving New England this summer seemed slim to none. That may have changed dramatically following the Patriots 41-33 loss in Super Bowl 52.

Butler interested in joining Patricia?

Malcolm Butler and Matt Patricia have a long-running history.

So what in the world happened last week in the biggest game of the Patriots season? Butler, one of the best cornerbacks in the game today, didn’t see the field one time as a defender - and no one has ever clearly explained why. The only answer given by coach Belichick was he was doing "what was best for the team."

While it is hard to argue with one of the most successful coaches in NFL history, the move to hold out Butler in the biggest game of the season still isn't sitting well with Patriots fans.

Now the question is will Butler try to mend fences with Patriots coach Bill Belichick or move on to a new team. If so, could he be interested in joining up with the only defensive coordinator he has ever played for in Matt Patricia?

Lions fans are sure hoping so.

Adding Butler to go along with cornerback Darius Slay could give the Lions the best shutdown corners in the NFC. Butler has expressed over his four years in New England that he thinks the world of Patricia, and the feelings are mutual from Patricia about Butler.

This possible signing seems to make sense for both parties, but time will tell.

Packers signing Butler would be a 'dream'

While the Lions may have interest in talking to Butler, several other teams do as well, including the Green Bay Packers. indicates that Pro Football Focus identified New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler as a “dream splash signing” for the Packers. The article mentioned how despite having an offseason in 2017 compared to 2016, Butler is still one of the best in the game and is worlds better than the Packers’ current slew of cornerbacks.

The Packers defense has been their weak link of late, however, the biggest key heading into the 2018 season for the Packers will be having a healthy Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers missed the majority of the 2017 regular season following his shoulder injury but should be 100% this fall. Arriving at camp knowing Malcolm Butler was the newest part of your defense could put an extra pep in Rodgers' step heading into the 2018 season, that's for sure.