The Cleveland Cavaliers dominated the Boston Celtics today on Paul Pierce's jersey retirement ceremony. This game was very important for LeBron James and the Cavaliers because of their recent trade acquisitions that resulted in essentially a brand new team for Cleveland. The Cavaliers GM Koby Altman believed that the team needed a reboot and a reset because the team created an impossible culture to win in. This statement even showed on the court due to their lack of defensive intensity and abysmal effort on the offensive end as well. Today's game showed how well the new Cavaliers can be and how will they can potentially jell over the rest of the season.

Trade deadline news

The Cavaliers recently traded point guard's Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Rose, shooting guard's Dwyane Wade and Iman Shumpert, and forwards Jae Crowder and Channing Frye. Koby Altman turned these six aged players into Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood, George Hill and Larry Nance Jr. All four of these players are solidified good rotation players in the NBA that can compliment LeBron James perfectly. These players are all young and athletic that gives Cleveland a new found edge that wasn't expected to show up at the beginning of the season. Cleveland gained a new athletic forward/center in Nance and athletic guards in Clarkson and Hood. Also, Hill brings a savvy veteran leadership and three-point shooting that the Cavaliers desperately needed after trading away Thomas.

Results from the game

Today was a very important day for the Cavaliers because this was the first game ever since the trade deadline. This game resulted in a Cavaliers dominated game. It looks like everyone meshed well for the most part of the game. LeBron James posted a double-double (24 points and 10 assists) while adding eight assists.

Clarkson and Hood played their roles well and scoring at an elite level. Clarkson scored 17 points, shot seven for 11 while he shot three for four from three-point land. Hood shot the ball great as well, scored 15 points while he shot six for 11 from the field and three for six from behind the arc. On the other hand, the Celtics had a subpar game today.

Jaylen Brown didn't score the ball very well, he shot two for nine from the field. He only scored five points today. and missed all of his three-pointers. NBA rookie Jayson Tatum and all-star Al Horford didn't play well either. Tatum shot four for 11, while Horford didn't get enough touches down the stretch. He scored only nine points, which won't happen that often. The Celtics had a tough game, but the bright side is that they're still a great team contending for a championship this year.