Despite recent struggles, the Cleveland Cavaliers are not looking to make changes to their coaching staff, confirming that Tyronn Lue’s job is safe. However, the front office is still actively attempting to shake up the roster by acquiring major talent.

The Cavaliers are trying to improve the roster, but they are reluctant to give up Brooklyn’s first-round pick because they are unsure whether LeBron James will stay with the organization or leave this summer.

Being stuck with minimal assets, Cleveland might find it difficult to make trades. They have been pursuing a handful of players, including George Hill, Derrick Favors, and DeAndre Jordan.

Cleveland made a trade proposal to the Los Angeles Clippers

Jordan is a player that the Cavaliers crave because he will fix a lot of their defensive issues. The Clippers most recently traded Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons, as they head toward a rebuilding process. After trading Griffin, there were reports that the Clippers are still hoping to deal Lou Williams and Jordan.

With that said, the Cavaliers have made an offer to the Clippers, which Los Angeles kindly declined. The Cavs offered J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson, and their own first-round pick for Jordan, which is not exactly what the Clippers are looking for.

When the Clippers traded Griffin to Detroit, they got a couple of established, relatively young players in return to stay competitive enough, which is just about what they want in exchange for Jordan.

Smith and Thompson don’t fit the bill since they are not heavy producers.

What the Cavaliers could get instead

With that kind of an offer, the Cavaliers would probably be able to get someone like George Hill instead. The Sacramento Kings want to develop their young talent, so they wouldn’t mind shipping Hill for pieces they could potentially buyout, as long as they can get some sort of draft pick in return.

Derrick Favors might be another piece the Cavs are more likely to get with Smith, Thompson, and Frye as their main assets. If the Cavaliers still want Jordan, they would definitely have to part ways with Brooklyn’s first-round pick.

However, Dan Gilbert most recently stated that he doesn’t care if LeBron James leaves in free agency, as long as the team holds onto that very valuable first-round pick.

Ultimately, the Cavaliers are going to be stuck at the deadline, not being able to get what they want. It appears that their owner is content with Brooklyn’s pick, and he doesn’t really worry about James leaving.

Can the Cavaliers really improve at the trade deadline with such distasteful assets?