As the Cleveland Cavaliers continue to slide during the regular season, LeBron James’ upcoming free agency becomes more crucial. Will he stay or will he leave the Cavaliers once again? There has been a lot of speculation that James will indeed leave Cleveland this summer, and the Los Angeles Lakers are considered the frontrunners to land him.

James has businesses in Los Angeles, so playing for the Lakers allows him to be closer to those businesses. He also has entertained the idea of playing with rookie sensation Lonzo Ball. However, the Lakers aren’t the only team that will pursue the three-time champion.

Other contenders will definitely make their bidding.

James could join Western Conference powerhouse

The San Antonio Spurs could be one team to pursue James, along with the Houston Rockets, but there is another Western Conference powerhouse that will strongly consider James.

According to Chris Haynes, LeBron could meet with the Golden State Warriors if they had a max salary slot available. The winning culture of the Warriors could attract James, but they would need to clear a lot of salary to be able to obtain him.

To offer a max contract, the Warriors will perhaps have to part ways with Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala, and possibly others. It’s a tricky task, but if the Warriors are willing to add James to their roster, it wouldn’t be too hard for them to get rid of a few key pieces.

As James’ career winds down, he wants to win one more ring before retiring, even if it means joining his rival team. The Cavaliers don’t look like a team that can compete with the Warriors at this point. Their defense is one of the worst in the league, and they need better team chemistry.

Frustration has been brewing within the players, as there has been some finger pointing and James getting heated on the sidelines.

With the way things are going, some analysts are expecting James to leave. The only way he stays is if the team can acquire major talent before the trade deadline that would improve their chances of beating the Warriors.

Who has the best chance of landing James?

The Rockets probably have the best chance of getting James, however.

They don’t have to completely tear down their roster to make room for the four-time MVP. They would obviously entice James with their two superstars, Chris Paul and James Harden.

After all, the Rockets were in the mix for Carmelo Anthony before he was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Lakers would probably be second in line to obtain James. The Los Angeles Clippers may reportedly not be an option, though.