For several years, the Los Angeles Clippers have been the better team in L.A. The tide completely changed when the NBA vetoed the Lakers’ trade for Chris Paul in 2011, and the All-Star point guard landed with the Clippers instead.

Paul changed the entire atmosphere for the Clippers, who made six consecutive playoffs appearances. That streak ended this past season when the Clippers lost Paul and traded Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons. However, the Lakers have missed the playoffs for five consecutive seasons, mired by mediocrity since Kobe Bryant’s Achilles injury.

This offseason, the Lakers made a huge splash, signing LeBron James, the best free agent on the market. Reeling in a big fish like LeBron has given the Lakers playoff aspirations, but, there are some doubters that don’t believe James can lead this young Lakers team to the playoffs.

Former Laker takes shot at James and the team

Lou Williams, who played for the Lakers for a season and a half, is one of those non-believers. The 31-year-old veteran guard had a career year in his 12th season, leading the Clippers in scoring with 22.6 points off the bench and winning the Sixth Man of the Year award.

Although the Clippers missed the playoffs last season, they had a slightly better record than the Lakers.

Despite adding LeBron to the roster, Williams still believes the Clippers will be better than the Lakers “until they prove it.” Speaking with TMZ, Williams added: “I mean, the Lakers ain’t beat us since I’ve been on the Clippers, so record-wise, yeah, we are the better team in L.A. until they prove it.”

That’s an extremely bold statement by Williams, seeing as how the Clippers also lost defensive big man DeAndre Jordan this summer.

Meanwhile, the Lakers just added the best player on the planet and could definitely crack the top five in the West this upcoming season.

The battle of L.A.

It’s understandable why Lou Williams would make such a statement, though. The Clippers have beaten the Lakers 21 out of 24 times in the past six seasons. They have completely dominated the Lakers, becoming the better team in L.A.

by a long shot.

Of course James and the Lakers will have a lot to prove, not only that they can be the best team in Los Angeles again, but that they can become serious contenders. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little under three months to witness what James can do for the Lakers. Until then, the Clippers should be considered the better squad.