With the Cleveland Cavaliers struggling, the biggest question is, will LeBron James leave again during free agency? In 2010, James left Cleveland in favor of Miami, announcing his decision on live television on a one-hour special called “The Decision.”

Owner Dan Gilbert felt betrayed by James, who at the time promised a ring to the City Of Cleveland but didn’t deliver. In 2014, James returned to the Cavaliers and helped them finally win a championship in 2016.

Now that the Cavaliers are falling apart, many people believe that James will leave his hometown once again.

The Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Philadelphia 76ers, and Golden State Warriors could all be in play for the four-time MVP.

Owner Dan Gilbert has surprising take if LeBron leaves again

If James chooses to leave in free agency, it may hurt the city of Cleveland. However, there is one person who doesn’t really mind, and that is owner Dan Gilbert.

Apparently, in my opinion, Dan Gilbert doesn't care if LeBron James leaves again. Those are strong words coming from an owner who wrote an angry letter about LeBron when he left the first time, but it seems one ring was enough for him to feel satisfied and content with James. However, you have to imagine that LeBron’s unknown decision is stalling the Cavaliers from making any moves before the deadline.

They do not want to give up Brooklyn’s pick to acquire major talent because they are afraid that James will leave regardless. James needs to give the Cavs a definite answer, but probably won’t because he loves leaving people on edge and receiving attention for it.

What will the Cavaliers do if James leaves?

Dan Gilbert already knows that they won’t be competitive once James leaves.

They will essentially be in another huge rebuilding process, perhaps going years upon years without even seeing the playoffs. The relationship between James and Gilbert is deteriorating again, but this time it will probably be a much smoother parting.

Gilbert will be at peace with himself after James brought a title to Cleveland, and James can go spend his final years in the NBA on a far more competitive team.

Obviously, Gilbert’s level of concern is very low since he traded Kyrie Irivng to the Boston Celtics last summer. He didn’t do much to fix his relationship with Irving and shipped him instead. So, in other words, best of luck to the Cavaliers fans, because years of mediocrity may be ahead of them, and their owner could care less about it.