When LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers, there were a lot of mixed feelings. There were people who judged him for switching teams again, people in L.A. who disliked him and didn't want him on the Lakers, and Kobe Bryant fans who disrespected his decision to play in Kobe's town. What those people overlooked was the fact that LeBron's decision was purely based on business and family. He brought his son to attend high school in Los Angeles, which would give him more recognition, and his wife to be in a city she would enjoy. Furthermore, he chose L.A.

to be close to his businesses, whether it's to star in movies or other businesses he has invested in. Additionally, the L.A. spotlight will earn him more merchandise sales.

Kevin Durant approves James' decision

One guy who understands and respects LeBron's decision is Kevin Love, who sent a heartbreaking message to him. Another one is Kevin Durant. Although Durant and James have been foes on the court as they have battled in the NBA Finals, Durant has the utmost respect for LeBron. According to Yahoo! Sports, Durant stated that “I think really great ones like LeBron have the opportunity to pick both.” Durant said this about James’ decision being based on entertainment industry opportunity and basketball environment.

“I’m excited he took advantage of this opportunity to be in L.A. and play for the Lakers,” he continued.

There were reports earlier in the offseason that James apparently texted Durant to join him in Los Angeles, but those rumors were put to rest immediately when Durant re-signed a two-year, $61.5 million deal with the Golden State Warriors.

However, the idea of Durant and James playing together in L.A. still remains a possibility, since Durant is likely to opt out of his contract again next season. It’s interesting that this comment comes from Durant, who has been scrutinized for his decision to join the Warriors after Golden State won 73 games. But, the 2014 MVP simply made a decision for his career’s well-being.

Lakers add Michael Beasley to the roster

Since bringing in LeBron, the Lakers have been active in the free agency market. They added Lance Stephenson, Rajon Rondo, JaVale McGee, and re-signed Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Now, they have attained Michael Beasley, who was James’ former teammate in Miami in 2014.

Beasley adds more bench depth and scoring for the Lakers, but his role on the team remains to be seen since Los Angeles has a very crowded frontcourt. The Lakers are signing a lot of players to one-year deals, which will give them the flexibility to bring in another superstar like Damian Lillard next summer. Possibly Kawhi Leonard. Maybe even the aforementioned Kevin Durant.