Last week was a week filled with positive emotions for the soccer team that is known as Real Madrid. What I mean by this is that mid-way through the week Madrid would respond after being eliminated from the copa del rey as they had a solid victory over third place Valencia. Their victory was much needed, and, after their elimination from the Copa del Rey they needed a win to boost their confidence level. From watching the match itself, it can be said that Cristiano Ronaldo and Toni Kross led the team to their much-needed victory over Valencia.

What happened during the soccer match?

This soccer match was a very important milestone for not just Madrid but also Ronaldo as he actually scored his 100th and 101st penalty in his professional soccer career. The penalty was given within the first fifteen minutes after Martin Montoya felled him in the box following a counter attack. He scored the penalty by coaxing Neto to the left and then put the penalty the other way, which led to him getting the goal. Ronaldo would then go on to score the 101st penalty of his career with the same precision as the first one in the match. This penalty was given after Montoya decided to barge into Karim Benzema. A side note here is that many people think Ronaldo will move on from Madrid but after an impressive performance like this Madrid may not let him go.

As mentioned above, Kross was an exceptional player for Madrid, and, during this match he was willing to maraud around in his spot on the left of the field while also helping fellow Madrid player Marcelo to contain Guedes. Also, Kross, after twenty-seven minutes, made an absolutely beautiful out of the boot pass to Ronaldo, which gave him a brilliant chance to score a goal.

What does this win mean for Real Madrid?

Well, with the team obviously winning the match it puts them on the right track moving forward. It is safe to say that Madrid hasn’t exactly had the greatest second half in terms of their matches this season. If we were going from the first half of their matches, many fans would believe that the team would easily be at the top of the league.

To sum up this soccer match, Madrid held off the pressure from Valencia for the first half of the match, then, they were incredible in the second half of the match, securing a 4-1 victory over Valencia.

As a side note, we as fans should congratulate Ronaldo for finally scoring his 100th and 101st penalty in his professional soccer career.