There isn’t a bigger name in soccer than Cristiano Ronaldo but off-field controversies might be enough to not only taint his career but might see him leave Real Madrid as well. ESPN broke the news today that Ranaldo has said that he wants to quit Real Madrid and actually completely leave the country of Spain. This is a result of Cristiano saying that he believes the country of Spain has treated him poorly and that he has been persecuted in the country.

Cristiano Ronaldo tax problems

What has Cristiano Ronaldo so upset is that Spain has accused him of tax evasion and they are trying to get a lot of money from him.

According to Ronaldo, the country of Spain is just trying to make an example of him because he is a star soccer player and he would now rather lay for another country rather than continue to represent Spain. Sources even told ESPN that Cristiano is “outraged” and feels “great indignation” at the current tax evasion events.

Cristiano Ronaldo said that he has voluntarily paid taxes to Spain. He then went on to say that there is “injustice” in what he calls being “disproportionately singled out.” Renaldo is said to now be determined to leave Real Madrid and Spain completely, although what happens is yet to be seen. A Spanish prosecutor has said that Cristiano failed to pay €14.7 million on image rights income made from 2011 through 2014.

Spain has also gone after fellow soccer stars Lionel Messi of Barcelona and three other Real Madrid players in Xabi Alonso, Angel Di Maria and Ricardo Carvalho. Messi was found guilty and received a 21-month suspended sentence. The three Real Madrid players were hit with additional tax charges. While Cristiano Ronaldo is unlikely to go to jail for this first-time offense, there is always a chance it could happen.

Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo claims his innocence and said his conscious is clear. He feels he is honest and did everything right and feels he is being treated wrong. Ronaldo said he wants out of Spain right now and that means leaving Real Madrid. While Cristiano said he would like to finish his career with Real Madrid, this could ruin that chance.

The problem is that Cristiano Ronaldo signed a new contract with Real Madrid that lasts through 2021 worth more than $50 million a year, making him the highest-paid athlete in the world. Getting out of that contract might be difficult and that is a lot of money to give up, regardless of how he feels about Spain right now.