Last season was truly historic for the Kings of Spain. Real Madrid bagged four trophies, the two most important being the Champions League over Juventus in Cardiff and La Liga, knocking off Messi and FC Barcelona. But this season, this season has been a struggle. Same squad, same coach, same stadium, totally different Real Madrid. What is going on with Los Blancos?

Champions League

Real Madrid is a mess. Yes, they beat Apoel last night, but that’s Apoel. Can you tell me where Apoel is? Without googling it I highly doubt it. They got beaten by Tottenham last in their last Champions League game.

It is understandable that they’ll drop some games but to Spurs? Come on. They’re better than their historical self but they’re incredibly overrated (Harry Kane is a monster that should move to a big club if he actually wants to win trophies). So that loss for Real Madrid, yeah that isn’t a good loss. Tottenham did finish top of the group, ahead of Real Madrid. So things look even bleaker by the day.

La Liga

Then there is La Liga. Things in La Liga are an absolute shambles for Real Madrid. They’re equal on points with a slightly above mediocre Atletico Madrid and they are eleven points behind Barcelona. I don’t need to mention Valencia. I don’t want to make los aficionados de Los Blancos too upset.Who else is going to do it?

Malaga? Bilbao? Definitely not the likes of Eibar, Villareal, or Celta Vigo. Real has a lot of issues going on. Ronaldo is mad about links to Neymar. Everyone seems to be out of form. What is Bale made of, ceramic? Glass? I don’t know but that man is brittle.

The season isn't over, but be worried

Real Madrid is in a bad place.

They are riddled with injuries. Ronaldo can find a way to have another kid but definitely cannot find a way to get a goal. Then there is Benzema. I have no idea what is happening with that guy.

With the flimsy nature of the other teams in La Liga, I do not see how they can come back and win the title. They may not come in second if Valencia turns out to be the real deal.

And there is always the variable of Atletico Madrid, even though they are more disappointing than Real.

FC Barcelona probably has the league locked up. I am saying they do. They have the best player on the planet and La Liga is not good at all. Real may be fine in the Champions League and they will be in the knockout stage and that is not until 2018. By then they may have their act together. There is a lot going on at the club, on the pitch, and in the locker room. The dynasty they were building looks to already be at an end, and Barcelona may be back to reclaim the throne.