The Cleveland Cavaliers entered the 2017-18 NBA season with some serious questions. The biggest one that they faced was whether or not this was LeBron James' final season or not with the team. James returned this season and told Cavs fans that he was here for the year, at least, and would not waive his no-trade clause so he could bring another championship to Cleveland. However, the Cavs then traded Kyrie Irving, angering LeBron, and things have not gone well this year for Cleveland. Now, news about the Cavs front office and team owner Dan Gilbert has many experts expecting that LeBron is on his way out of Cleveland and there might not be a title chance in his final year.

What is wrong with the Cavaliers front office?

The Cleveland Cavaliers had a number of chances to improve their team for the 2017-18 NBA season and the only move they made was trading their superstar point guard Kyrie Irving. At first, it seemed like the Cavs were getting solid talent back with Isaiah Thomas, but he has been hampered by injuries since last year's NBA Finals and has been a liability on defense.

It also doesn't help that LeBron James was angry the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Kyrie Irving and that they were not more active in trading for someone like Paul George or Eric Bledsoe. The reasons for the Cavaliers struggles with free agents can be traced to the release of general manager, David Griffin.

Bill Simmons has reported that the big change in the Cleveland Cavaliers front office was the hiring of Koby Altman as the general manager. The interesting news is that Simmons said that Altman is GM in name alone and is not making the major decisions. Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is running things and considering his poor relationship with LeBron James, that will likely push The King out of town.

What is in store for the Cavaliers future?

The Los Angeles Clippers just traded the face of their franchise Blake Griffin. They are now seeking a trade partner for DeAndre Jordan.

The big rumors are that they want to clear up enough cap room to sign LeBron James next season. LeBron was rumored for the Lakers, but if he could get on a better team with the Clippers, he could still make his expected move to Los Angeles and have more success.

As for the Cleveland Cavaliers, there are also reports from CBS Sports that Dan Gilbert is not just running the team but he is texting Isaiah Thomas on a regular basis, showing whose side he is taking in the recent controversies between Thomas and his other star players, such as Kevin Love. There is a good chance Gilbert wants Thomas to be the new face of Cleveland once LeBron James leaves town.