If you have been wondering who is the fan favorite Brown cast member of the TLC family Reality Television Series “Sister Wives” you would be totally wrong if you choose the cast member Kody Brown. Now, the reason you would be wrong is because of the fact that many fans on social media do absolutely nothing but attack him online for his attitude and just the way he acts in general. For example, one fan wrote online: “Freaking Kody is such a narcissistic jerk.” While another fan wrote, “I love #SisterWives but sometimes I hate watching it because Kody is a douche.”

Why do a lot of people not like Kody Brown?

From doing some research online, you are easily able to find some reasons why Kody Brown isn’t very well liked in the Brown family.

For instance, many fans think that he can be quite mean and downright offensive -- even some of his wives have that same opinion on him. Christine began to talk about how offensive Kody can be with HuffPost Live by saying: “he'll say a comment, and me and Robyn and Janelle are like, 'What?” Christine also continued by saying that when Kody is confronted about his rather rude remarks, he has no clue what he has done wrong, which makes the wives and some fans even more angry with him. Another way that Kody is very mean to his wives is that in the past he has actually body shamed his wife, Christine Brown.

In the family’s book “Becoming Sister Wives” he began to talk about how Christine was a “little chubby.” Then to make matters even worse he then began to talk about how he couldn’t watch Christine eat, as it made him feel disgusting.

Kody was later quizzed about his relationship to Christine by a television host, and he replied, saying that he was not attracted to Christine in any physical sense.

What are Kody Brown and the rest of the family up to at the moment?

The Brown family are actually as busy as ever -- not only has their TLC family reality television series “Sister Wives” been renewed for a brand new season, but also, Mariah was just accepted into her preferred graduate school.

Nonetheless, to keep up to date with everything that this family is doing, be sure to follow them on social media, as well as here on Blasting News, so you don’t miss anything about this family at all. It is also worth mentioning that Kody Brown isn't the only hated member of this controversial family. Mykelti Brown's husband Tony Padron often makes headlines for all the wrong reasons as well.