With Week 17 coming to an end, the playoffs are set as we prepare for what should be a well-fought battle for the Lombardi Trophy. It was a battle all the way down to the wire, but here is what the 2018 NFL postseason will look like.

It is sure to be an interesting one for both conferences whose Wildcard Round teams will be set and ready to go come next week. As we wait for the fight that is sure to ensue, let's take a look at my playoff predictions for the 2017-18 NFL season.


Wildcard Weekend

Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs (Saturday 1/6)

The Titans gave it everything they had to finish off the Jacksonville Jaguars in a thrilling victory that clinched them a spot in the playoffs, but I think that is as far as their journey will take them. Aside from the win that put them into the playoffs, the Titans have looked like an average to below average football team in the second half of the season. As a team that started out 8-4, it's hard to believe that they snuck into the playoffs at 9-7 by the skin of their teeth, but with how they're playing, I don't think that will matter, especially against the Chiefs. Kansas City found themselves in a skid midway through the season.

But ending on a high note will bring them the momentum they need to topple over the trudging Titans.

Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars (Sunday 1/7)

As much as I would love to root for the underdog here and give the Bills a chance to win in their first playoff game in nearly two decades, I can't see them going into Jacksonville and taking down the Jaguars.

Jacksonville's defense is too dominant and will be able to contain Tyrod Taylor. The fate of LeSean McCoy has still yet to be determined and whether or not he is able to play will play heavily into Buffalo's chances of winning this game.

Divisional Round

Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Jaguars got the better of the Steelers the last time they played in Pittsburgh, intercepting Ben Roethlisberger five times on the night, but I don't think that they can repeat this effort.

This postseason, the Steelers are going to be out to get all the teams that beat them in the regular season and the Jaguars will be the first team they can knock off their hit list. Antonio Brown is expected to return for this game.

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots

This matchup is very similar, if not identical to what I see the Jags-Steelers game to be. The Patriots came into the season looking to start off strong, but were stifled by the Chiefs in a week one loss, but Tom Brady and company aren't going to let this happen again. The Chiefs are a team that struggles in the playoffs whereas the Patriots who thrive and I believe that will be abundantly obvious in this game.

Conference Championship

Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots

I know that it seems boring to put these two teams back in the championship game together, but this just seems like it can't happen any other way.

The Steelers are going to march into New England and take down the Patriots to get payback for their regular season loss and mark off another name off their hit list. The wounds will still be fresh with the Steelers and it will show as they take down the Patriots and send themselves to the Super Bowl.


Wildcard Weekend

Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams (Saturday 1/6)

This is sure to be one hell of an offensive game when looking at how these two teams are. What I think it'll come down to is playoff experience where the Falcons by far have the upper-hand. The Falcons will also be coming into this game knowing what happened to them the last time around in the playoffs and will be searching to redeem themselves in this postseason.

I can't see many teams getting in their way.

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints (Sunday 1/7)

The stakes are always higher when playing against a divisional team, but when it also happens to be the playoffs, things get even more interesting. It'll without a doubt be a hard fought game, but the Saints will be a mighty hard team to take out of the playoffs. I don't think Cam Newton can march his team into New Orleans and take a win away from a team as complete as they are.

Divisional Round

New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings

It seems easier to choose this game if we just had a coin toss. I can easily see this game going either way, but I'm going to have to go with the Vikings. Defense wins championships and, despite the fact both their defenses have performed above average this season, the Vikings have one of the best defenses I have seen since watching football.

This is Case Keenum's moment and, though Drew Brees has countless more playoff experience, Keenum has the better defense to keep them in this game.

Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles

It's a shame that Carson Wentz is hurt because, if he weren't, I would probably pick the Eagles to win this game, but I can't see Nick Foles beating any team in the playoffs, especially a team with the drive of the Falcons. Their defense is still solid but it comes down to not having Wentz.

Conference Championship

Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings

Here is the only mountain that I don't think the Falcons can overcome. The Falcons win games because of their offense, but when you go up against a team like the Vikings, it's tough to get anything going, especially in Minnesota.

It seems inevitable that the Vikings will move onto the Super Bowl to be the first team to play on their home turf.

Super Bowl

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Minnesota Vikings

This will be a phenomenal game if we were to see this in the Super Bowl. These two teams met in the regular season and we saw the Steelers win in Pittsburgh, but now the Vikings get the chance to win on their home turf and I think that they do. Despite all of the injuries they have faced this season, they will still end up being Super Bowl champs.

Super Bowl Champions: Minnesota Vikings