After spending eight years in a Cowboys jersey, Dez Bryant will test the market after being released by Dallas. The veteran going into his ninth season has slumped in his last few seasons with America's team, but he will be looking to bounce back sporting new colors in 2018.

Bryant has a lot of options despite his declining numbers. The 29-year-old still has a lot of gas in the tank and needs to go to a team where he can make a better connection with his quarterback since the lack of connection to quarterback Dak Prescott is what sent Bryant into the free agency.

While there are many open cities for the three-time Pro Bowler to throw up the 'X,' let's take a look at the teams that will be the best hosts for number 88.

Any NFC East team

Following the meeting that led to the release of Bryant between him and owner Jerry Jones, Dez made it clear that next season, he wanted to play the Cowboys twice.

Though he can possibly play Dallas twice outside of his division - only through the playoffs - it is obvious that Bryant is trying to possibly play for another NFC East team. While he may fit better on another roster in another division, it seems as though Bryant will do what he can to make the Cowboys pay for releasing him.

Unfortunately, at this time, none of these teams are interested in the Cowboys all-time leader receiving touchdowns. And why should they?

The Washington Redskins would be the most likely of the bunch to take a chance on Bryant, but their receiving corps already seems set after the addition of Paul Richardson, who might not be better than Dez, but is a better fit for Alex Smith's play style.

The New York Giants have a fairly solid depth at receiver after losing the majority of them to injury in their 3-13 campaign. Bryant's chances in New York would solely depend on the future of Odell Beckham Jr., but the Giants are leaning towards keeping their top-tier receiver at the moment.

The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the last teams I'd think Bryant would go to.

They have a solid WR1 in Alshon Jeffery and have decent depth to support Carson Wentz.

Unless any of these teams have a change of heart about Bryant, there are three more teams that I can see taking a chance on the veteran.

New England Patriots

The Pats have lost Brandin Cooks and Danny Amendola this offseason on top of the retirement of tight end Martellus Bennett. Tom Brady has been able to carry teams that didn't have a great deal of talent in the receiving corps, but it would obviously make more sense to give the future Hall of Famer as much talent around him, especially as he slowly nears retirement. Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski are still on the roster, but as a team, you would like more depth than this.

Bryant could be exactly that.

Dez can be the top-tier receiver the Patriots need to give their offense more pop. Bill Belichick can easily incorporate such a high-caliber receiver into his offense. Locker room issues have been an issue with Bryant, but that would surely be stomped out in New England.

The Patriots are the perfect team to go to when you're trying to help turn around your career, so that would be the perfect landing spot for a slumping receiver like Dez.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers are in need of a number one receiver after releasing Jordy Nelson. Sure, they still have Davante Adams and Randall Cobb, but neither of these two is a top receiver and Aaron Rodgers can use some top targets to throw it to.

Bryant would essentially take over Nelson's spot in the Packer offense and we've all seen just how effective that duo can be.

Plus, it would be somewhat ironic to see him as a Packer, since one of his most infamous moments as a Cowboy was against Green Bay in the playoffs.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers just need any help they can get at wide receiver. They have alright talent at the position, but nothing special. No name really jumps out at you on this roster. Jimmy Garoppolo needs more help than he has on his offense and Dez Bryant could be just what the doctor ordered.

Jimmy G is a young buck who has proven his worth with the average talent he has on his roster, but who knows what he could do with a star like Dez.

Where will Bryant play in 2018?

The New England Patriots.

This hurts to say because I know how badly I want to see Bryant play in San Fran, but going to New England is the most logical choice for his career path. It's his best shot at turning his career around and his best shot at winning a championship right now.

Dez still has a lot of football left, so, no matter where he ends up, the NFL needs to watch out.