As of now, the feud between New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Alex Guerrero, a close friend and personal trainer of quarterback Tom Brady, has yet to reach a boiling point. However, Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal believes the rift could cause the break-up between Brady and Belichick in the offseason if not resolved immediately. Bedard said the friction could boil over in the offseason as Brady prepares for his 19th season as a 41-year-old quarterback. Bedard said Brady could make the issue involving Guerrero reach a critical mass, especially if offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels leaves the Patriots for a head-coaching job elsewhere.

“The situation has absolutely become a source of friction between Brady and Belichick,” Bedard said.

Bedard also revealed that some people at Gillette Stadium are already calling Guerrero “Yoko Guerrero,” referring to Yoko Ono, wife of John Lennon, who was blamed for the break-up of “The Beatles.” However, Bedard said the issue will not affect the team and his relationship with Belichick if he won’t force the reinstatement of Guerrero’s privileges that were removed by the head coach.

Belichick removed Guerrero’s privileges

Earlier, Bob Hohler of the Boston Globe reported that Belichick banned Guerrero from boarding team flights and from staying on the sideline during games. Guerrero will not be allowed to treat other players, except for Brady, at his exclusive office at Gillette Stadium.

Sources told Hohler that the move was aimed at keeping the players healthy through the team’s medical staff, and not some outsider like Guerrero. There were reports that some Patriots players were taking advice and treatment from Guerrero, rather than from the team’s official medical staff.

Adam Schefter of ESPN was the first to report the brewing feud between Brady and Belichick after Guerrero was not spotted on the sideline during the Patriots’ 27-24 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Matt Burke of also raised the possibility that Belichick might join the New York Giants if the situation boils over and team owner Robert Kraft sides with the veteran quarterback.

Belichick preparing for the Bills

After the Patriots (11-3) clinched the AFC East title for the ninth straight time and 17th overall under Robert Kraft’s ownership, Belichick is focused on their showdown with the Buffalo Bills (8-6).

The Patriots are eyeing their eighth straight 12-win season. Currently, the Patriots are tied with the Indianapolis Colts for the most consecutive 12-win seasons with seven straight. In their history, the Patriots have won at least 12 games 11 times, trailing the San Francisco 49ers with 13 12-win seasons in franchise history.