LeBron James took to his Twitter to complain about the bitter cold in Cleveland at the moment. But it seems there is more ice coming his way than just from the weather.

According to a Bleacher report, his team, and probably the fans of Cleveland Cavaliers, are getting 'irked' by his recent change of gameplay.

Here's what LeBron James had to say about Cleveland weather: "Man just landed back in Cleveland and I have to say in the 29 years I've lived here this is the coldest I've felt it! Sheesh the hawk is out and he ain't playing around!


LeBron may be slowing down Cavaliers game

In the article by the Bleacher Report, writer Adam Wells pointed out that Cleveland Cavaliers have lost seven of the past ten games. Fans are naturally disappointed, as Isaiah Thomas is back in play, but it has not been a miracle turn around for the Eastern Conference Champions.

Nevertheless, according to Wells, it has nothing to do with Thomas. It is about LeBron James. It seems there is some suggestion that King James is slowing down the gameplay.

Vardon said that even Tyronn Lue said after their defeat by Raptors, Thursday, at the Air Canada Centre, that "if guys have agendas, we've got to get rid of our agendas and play the right way."

Tyronn Lue - was he being critical of King James?

Was this a slap at LeBron James? Fans think this might be so, as word is that LeBron seems to be playing basketball slower than usual.

He seems to be holding onto the ball too long, waiting for an opportunity to get in an 'assist' pass rather than moving it out at a fast pace.

Let's face it we are all used to LeBron's lightning speed, so a slowdown would be rather noticeable.

King James denies he has an agenda

247Sports.com quoted LeBron James as saying, "I don't have [an agenda].

I just want to win. I just like playing ball the right way, getting guys involved and winning the game also."

Well, the team is on a losing streak right now, and all it takes to melt the ice, if there really is any between team members and LeBron, is a winning game. But the Cleveland Cavaliers have been inconsistent this season, with winning streaks followed by long losing streaks. The Eastern Conference Champions are going to have to get the whole team on the same page, irrespective of whether James has an agenda or not.

Getting back to Tyronn Lue, he also said, "the Cavs need to get "everyone on the same page."

Every LeBron James fan knows that he always tries to do what's right for whichever team he is playing for. If he is doing something wrong, maybe he will make the most of the cold weather to contemplate his agenda.