isaiah thomas got back onto the basketball court for the first time in a long time and in his debut game for Cleveland Cavaliers, they beat the Trailblazers. Sports Illustrated actually wondered after the January 2 game if Cleveland Cavaliers actually need to keep Isaiah Thomas off back-to-back games, as he played a good game after a rusty start,

Isaiah was ecstatic to be back in competition and posted to Twitter. His fans erupted and there were a crazy number of tweets in reply to him.

Isaiah Thomas took to Twitter after his debut game for Cavaliers

In his series of two tweets, Isaiah Thomas first posted, "Damn that felt good!!! God is so good. Truly blessed to be able to be on the court again competing for something. Great team win and thank you for all the love and support during these tough 7 months that I’ve been out. I’m finally back and it feels so good."

Fans were quick to respond to his tweet that got 3,599 retweets and over 18 thousand likes in a couple of hours.

Helix D posted, "Boston fan rooting for you IT. Boston will always remember you!"

Meanwhile, Twitter User Rollskidroll posted, "You looked good man. Still look out of place in that Cleveland jersey. I don't know. My Celtics fanhood is confused. Rooting for you either way. You brought the passion back to the NBA game for me the last two seasons.

Congrats on game 1 of the season and welcome back."

The Cav's fans were also very congratulatory. Shiv Patel wrote, "You already know IT. Us cavs are completely blessed to have as our starting PG. let’s win this ship this year! Great comeback game, only up from here (o)n."

@KingJST2 posted, "It was good to see it too bro. Happy for you and proud of ya, you're the definition of an "Warrior, Champion, Legend", Let's get it, Champ!

Double salute!"

IT thanked Cleveland in a second tweet

Isaiah Thomas also tweeted another message, this time thanking Cleveland. "Cleveland, thank you!!!! Tonight was a very special night for me and y’all made it what it was with the love y’all showed me when I checked in the game. I will always remember tonight. Now let’s keep building, this is only the beginning!"

The Cleveland fans let it be known they were super-happy to have Isaiah Thomas in the team.

@DannyCarlosVeta posted, "You looked incredible for having missed so much time. Excited to have you in our family! Welcome to The Land!"

IT scored 17 points in 19 minutes in a 127–110 win over the Trailblazers. He looked like he was having a lot of fun, and as Sports Illustrated pointed out, he "provided some Boston flashbacks when handling in the pick-and-roll, pulling up for jumpers with the same reckless abandon that made him an MVP candidate with the Celtics."

It is too soon to see how IT will play alongside LeBron James in the long run, but he certainly was off to a great start, and his fans let him know it on Twitter.