The Cleveland Cavaliers are having a major meltdown, having lost the last seven out of nine games, including two blowouts in Minnesota and Toronto. Many are wondering, what’s wrong with the defending Eastern Conference champions?

Isaiah Thomas has returned from a hip injury, and they are still struggling. Their defense has been one of the worst in the league, and it has gotten worse during their latest three-game losing streak. Perhaps there is a deeper issue with this team. Perhaps the chemistry is breaking down because Players are having differences.

It was just the other night in Toronto when LeBron James was ripping his teammates on the sideline for playing lackluster defense. James seemed very irritated with his team, but the feeling may be mutual.

James’ teammates are upset with him

According to Joe Vardon of, Cavaliers players are frustrated that James has slowed down the pace of the game by holding onto the ball for too long “until he sees an ‘assists’ pass, rather than moving it quickly.”

James is known to be a ball-dominant player, essentially having a hand in most of the points the Cavaliers score. The 33-year-old is a triple-double threat on any given night, averaging 27.1 points, 8.8 assists, and 8.0 rebounds per game.

What are Cavs’ players trying to say?

The real question is, what are Cleveland’s players trying to say about LeBron? Are they accusing him of being a stat hungry player? James has always thrived on his impressive all-around stats. The reason he averages all these points, rebounds, and assists is that he could. However, with a recent slide, Cavaliers players may be attacking James for chasing these stats rather than worrying about winning the game.

It raises interesting questions for sure. The Cavaliers have been out of sync in the last 10-12 games, and locker room issues may be the case. Perhaps James’ teammates are not enjoying playing with him.

Everything with James and the Cavaliers is going to be magnified this season. Any little drama is going to be highlighted.

Maybe LeBron’s time in Cleveland is, after all, coming to an end. James has said that they always figure a way out of all their struggles, but could this be the end of it?

It’s probably time for the Cavaliers to have a team meeting to clear the air out. Otherwise, they are going to continue to slide. James needs to get his team on the same page. If they have an issue with him, he needs to change things up.