LeBron James has been in the NBA for 15 seasons and continues to dominate as one of the top superstars in the entire league. However, when reporters ask him about the possibility of retirement, LeBron has always dismissed the idea, saying he is not even thinking about it. The man most fans compare James to is Michael Jordan, who only played 15 seasons in the NBA. However, Jordan took off just over one year to play Minor League Baseball while LeBron has played for 15 consecutive seasons without any sort of break at all, only missing 13 games due to injury.

Despite that, LeBron James is still healthy and strong and the end doesn't look like it is anywhere in sight. The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar recently spoke to reporters and the USA Today reported that LeBron James pointed out what he thinks he will eventually make him retire.

LeBron James remains strong

LeBron James started off the interview by saying that he does not know when he will finally hang up his uniform and retire from the NBA. This year, LeBron James is averaging 27.2 points-per-game, which is his highest total since 2009-10, making it look like he is getting stronger as his career goes on.

LeBron is also averaging 8.2 rebounds this season, which is the second most of his entire career, as well as a career-high 9.0 assists a game.

His shooting average is 55.8 percent and he is hitting 38.9 percent of his 3's. There is no reason for the four-time NBA superstar to think of retirement when he is playing this strong in his career. However, there is one thing that has nothing to do with his on-court play that will finally push him to retire.

What will make LeBron James retire?

It isn't his play on the court or his quest for championships that will eventually push LeBron James into retirement. Instead, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar said that his decision to retire will all come down to his kids.

In the discussion with reporters, LeBron talked about his disappointment that he has missed four of his son LeBron James Jr.'s basketball games already this road trip alone.

The Cavaliers star said that his 13-year-old son is a "damn good" basketball player and the one thing that really sucks about playing in the NBA is missing his kid's games, which is important to the father of three.

LeBron James also mentioned that he has two other kids, 10-year-old Bryce and three-year-old Zhuri. While he is missing his oldest son's games right now, it sounds like he is not interested in the NBA keeping him from his family much longer.

"The daddy side kicks in sometimes," LeBron said. "So that will be a deciding factor in how long I'll play