When Chris Paul faced his old team, there was quite some tension in the Houston Rockets, Clippers game. Some on-court tension arose and this resulted in Griffin and Rockets forward Trevor Ariza being ejected, New.com.au reported. The game ended with Chris Paul being booed.

But the action really started when "Rockets players James Harden, Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green are believed to have pushed into the Clippers’ locker room looking to confront Griffin and teammate Austin Rivers."

Houston Rockets players and Clippers player confrontation in locker room

This quickly made it to Twitter, courtesy of Woj, who posted, "Houston Rockets’ players James Harden, Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green pushed into Clippers locker room post-game looking to confront Austin Rivers, league sources tell ESPN.

Security escorted Rockets out before anything turned physical."

It did not stop there and the hilarity began after Woj followed up with another post. "Rockets players were clamoring for Blake Griffin too, league sources said. Chris Paul also entered with other Rockers players through a backstory that connects team dressing rooms."

Twitter takes off with all night #NBAtwitter hashtag

Twitter was instantly filled with hilarious comments and memes over the fact that there was a 'back-entrance' to the locker rooms and people made the most of the opportunity to have a good laugh.

This was especially after later news emerged that the Police had been called, and that big man Clint Capela tried to enter the locker room through the door, and it was slammed shut on him.

For those who missed it all, @thenextblgthing tweeted, "East folks gonna be waking up with the trends being all NBA and wondering wtf happened.

They missed out on a classic #NBATwitter night."

Here is a funny meme about the secret entrance, Luke Walton and LaVar Ball.

Meanwhile, the Holy Goof posted about "Doc Rivers in his office working on a deal involving Blake Griffin and Karl Anthony Towns."

More fun from the #NBAtwitter night followed

As Eric he pointed out, "It is 12:25 in the morning and #NBATwitter is in full force over a secret passageway between the Staples Center locker rooms.

Sometimes I think sports are dumb, but times like these remind me why they will always be the best."

Meanwhile, another tweeter posted, " Ay you think Isaiah knows a secret passage in Boston so we can whoop Kyrie?”

And a late-comer to the fun party at the #NBAtwitter fest was @d_Rose_davidson, who posted this meme.

If you missed all the drama and the hilarious #NBAtwitter night, about Clippers and the Houston Rockets, well, Twitter never really goes away, so pop over and see what-all went down in the meme scene.