The Minnesota Vikings have been one of the greatest stories in the NFL season this season as they have repeatedly overcome the odds in the face of seemingly impossible opposition. And if their dramatic defeat of the on-fire New Orleans Saints in the divisional round wasn't enough to convince their doubters that there is something special about this team, not much will.

And though their number 1 ranked defense, as well as the emergence of Case Keenum as a legitimate starter, have been clear factors as to why the team has had this much success this year, one of the most defining characteristics about this team, and perhaps their biggest intangible is that they know how to have fun.

YouTube Stars in the making

That's right, YouTubers like Evan Fong and Jenna Marbles ain't got nothin' on Defensive End, Brian Robison. His 96 questions segment on the Vikings' YouTube channel may be one of the funniest things that has ever come out of professional sports. The videos involve him asking a number of ridiculous and or completely embarrassing questions to whichever teammates are around the team facility when they're filming, and needless to say, it makes for some unforgettable moments.

Ever wondered which player takes the most selfies? Wonder no longer - your answer is right here below.

Or maybe, just maybe, you've been looking to figure out who on the team has the most impressive grunting skills when it comes to hitting the weights.

This video will help with that.

The fun doesn't stop there

Vikings players enjoy flexing their musical muscles occasionally as well with some "Vikings CARaoke" as they like to call it. From Linebacker Eric Kendricks singing Brian McKnight's "Back At One" - to Safety Andrew Sendejo absolutely crushing the Moana soundtrack, what's not to love?

The team also enjoys a game called Word Of Mouth, where one player has to lip-read what another player is saying; sound at all like any YouTubers you're familiar with? These Vikings are serious about this internet stardom they're seeking.

But regardless of whether or not their dreams come true and they make it big in the competitive world of vlogging, it is clear that the Minnesota Vikings have a fun-loving camaraderie both on, and off the field. And that in addition to their dangerously talented roster makes them a headache for any and all that stand in their way. The Vikings are united in their pursuit of a Super Bowl victory.