The Cleveland Cavaliers have had many ups and downs this season and they are still trying to figure things about. At the moment, they look nothing like a championship contender and it seems that the Golden State Warriors would beat them easily. The Cavaliers suffered their 14th loss of the season last night in Minnesota, which was their sixth loss in the last 10 games.

LeBron James and his team want nothing but a championship, yet it looks that they will have to make a few big changes before it happens. While the regular season isn't very important, having only the third-best record in the East is far from good.

The Cavaliers might consider making a big trade that includes isaiah thomas if their struggles continue. However, they will first wait and see how well Thomas plays.

Big superstar trade

Isaiah Thomas made his long-awaited Cavaliers debut on January 2 against the Portland Trail Blazers. The point guard looked great and he was one of the best performers in the game. At the end of it, he had 17 points on 50 percent shooting in only 19 minutes on the floor.

Thomas' second game for the Cavaliers was even better as he scored 19 points along with 2 rebounds and 4 assists. Last night against the Timberwolves, he had a poor shooting night, scoring only 9 points on 27.3 percent shooting. For the season, Isaiah Thomas is averaging 15.0 points per game, which is great considering that he's on a minute restriction.

However, the Cavaliers might not keep him on the roster for the entire season. According to Joe Vardon of, Cleveland is waiting to see how well Thomas can play before making a trade decision. "While they believe they could improve the roster, they've been waiting to see how Isaiah Thomas responded to months of rehab on his injured right hip," wrote Vardon.

If Thomas is OK, the Cavs could consider other areas for improvement, such as potentially a rim protector or possibly a shooter.”

Potential trade partner

Isaiah Thomas is a great player and there is no doubt that he will fully recover. However, the Cavaliers are not able to wait for his full recovery as they are in a win-now mode and will do anything to win another championship.

Considering how good Thomas is, it wouldn't be hard for the Cavs to find a suitor for him.

The Cavaliers have been linked to DeAndre Jordan this season, so we might see them trade Thomas for him. Beside Thomas, the Cavaliers have the first-round pick in this year's NBA draft, which might be their most valuable trade asset.