This Saturday the Golden State Warriors faced off against the best team in the East in the Oracle Arena and the match was declared the best match of the season 2017-18. Super Ace Point Guards Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving went toe to toe in a very fiery dual that almost looked like an NBA Playoffs Final.

Steph scored a jaw-dropping 49 points, five assists antwo2 steals as his nemesis responded with his own 37 points, four assists, and a steal. Golden State eventually won the game 109-105 in the dying seconds. Curry and Kyrie Irving have a similar style of play: they are two of the greatest ball handlers in the league, they have a similar playing style, and they are both great shooters.

Kyrie is slightly better on defense whereas Steph is a whole other level of an update on the offense.

Kyrie’s forte is finishing at the rim but Steph Curry is the guy who rains from the three-point line. Now when Kyrie Irving went to the Boston Celtics at the beginning of this season, we assumed he was ready to shoulder some leadership responsibilities. Saturday’s match showed that he was more than capable of handling the pressure and bringing his team back from the dead.

What impressed the fans was how many clutch points he could win for his team! But in the end, Curry proved too much to overcome. Throughout the match whenever Kyrie and Co were cutting the point difference to two or four points, Curry would come out of nowhere to score a big shot, that kept The Warriors out of the Celtics reach.

Gordon Hayward had missed the game, and there is no telling when the small forward will return. According to head coach Brad Stevens of the Celtics, they don’t expect him to be back by the end of this season. Who knows? Maybe with him on the court, the story would have been very different for them.

The highlights of the game

It was a scintillating 86 points showdown between the two of them just from 42 shots, which goes to show how ridiculously well both of them played, even by their lofty standards. After the game, both Curry and Kyrie lauded each other.

Now, this duel has been going on for ages. During his time in Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie and Steph fought off against each other over three NBA Playoff Finals.

Curry won two of them with Kyrie Irving winning one. The way the Eastern Conference and West Conference Standing looks like going, the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics are going to battle it out amongst themselves again. This means that Curry and Kyrie are going to fight each other for the fourth championship battle in a row.

The message by Warriors to the Celtics

If the Warriors wanted to make it clear that they were the best in the NBA right now, they weren’t clear enough with the message. Sure, they won, but the game was a pretty close one. Both teams went neck to neck with the Celtics having the upper hand in the first half and the Warriors retaking control in the second half.

If the Warriors really want to send the message they need to really blow apart tougher opponents because the Celtics were not playing with their best team. One of their top players, Gordon Hayward, was injured, though he might just return fully fit for the Playoffs. With him, on the court, this year’s Boston Celtics look way too good and clearly a team that can challenge the Warriors right now. Maybe by the end of the Playoffs, we will see another nail-biting encounter between these teams.