The NBA brought in a whole new system to the all-star games this season, with teams being made up by the choices of two team captains, those being LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. This was introduced by NBA commissioner Adam Silver as he hoped to make the coveted NBA all-star game more competitive, and he did so by combing the Eastern and Western conference players, so they’re able to play alongside each other now.

With LeBron James receiving the most votes in the Eastern Conference and Stephen Curry receiving the most in the Western Conference, they got the honor of becoming team captains, to choose their players for their teams from the pool of all-stars.

It was much anticipated, but just yesterday the rosters for both Team Steph and Team LeBron were announced, and it had everybody talking.

Steph likes his teams' chances

Right off the bat, after the rosters for Team LeBron and Team Stephen came out and were released to the eye of the public, many people already criticised Steph’s team in comparison to the King’s. The front line of Cousins, LeBron and Davis with Kyrie and Durant on the starting team and the 2017 MVP coming off the bench is just plain scary. And Steph’s lineup of himself, DeRozan, Harden, Antetokounmpo, and Embiid is also spectacular, but many feel it is not as daunting as the King’s team.

Steph Curry recently spoke up about the doubts people have for his team’s chances and declared that he has full confidence his team can take home the win on the all-star weekend.

Steph said:

“We have a lot of shooters, and I like that people are sleeping on us. I like being the underdog.”

The Warriors point guard added that he has no doubt that his team can defeat Team LeBron, and he said he is looking forward to the weekend.

No TV broadcast?

Many people were hoping for and expecting the all-star teams to be announced live on television, but that did not happen.

Instead, the teams were drafted and announced confidentially, with fans not knowing the order of the draft and the atmosphere between the two superstars from both conferences. Many NBA fans are disappointed as they expected it to happen live on TV and were expecting it to be something exciting to watch on NBA TV, TNT or ABC.

However, the team drafts did was not televised, but even Stephen Curry and LeBron James themselves did not agree with this as they expressed in a recent tweet and reply.