Ever since LaVar Ball pulled his two sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo, from their respective college and high school teams, his eyes have been set on the NBA. His claim is that he can do more for his boys than either school could in preparing them for the NBA. Lavar is so confident that he now plans to have both boys play professionally abroad to get ready for their respective drafts.

This might sound like a crazy plan, but it does have the potential to pay off. If both boys were to perform well, they could potentially be more ready for the NBA than their U.S.

counterparts. However, a lot will need to go right in the coming months and years to make that happen.

They are a package deal

In an email that was widely circulated to European and Asian teams, it was declared that both LiAngelo and LaMelo will be a package deal in any agreement. If you want to sign one, you have to take the other. This strategy worked well to get all three boys scholarships to UCLA. That was when the real prize was landing oldest brother Lonzo. It remains to be seen if this new package deal will bear the same fruit.

While LaMelo is a highly sought after recruit, LiAngelo isn't really on anybody's radar. It was easier for UCLA to take the package deal as Lonzo was a surefire lottery pick and LaMelo has all the potential to be one himself.

Putting up with LiAngelo for one year seemed like an easy pill to swallow.

That was until the nightmare in China happened to begin the season.

School is out

When Lavar announced that his high school son LaMelo would be getting a signature shoe in his name, his college eligibility immediately came into question. Was he even going to be allowed to play at UCLA in a few years?

It was tough to tell, but Lavar put all questions to rest when they signed with Lonzo's agent.

Signing with an agent is something you cannot come back from in terms of NCAA eligibility. With school now firmly behind the boys, the next task will be finding that foreign professional team to take them. There is some interest for sure, but how serious it is remains unknown.

Both Ball brothers are being sold as being more valuable for the marketing of one of these teams more than anything. The hope is that their current star power will be enough to get a team to take on both players. The other sell is the time LaMelo scored 92 points in a high school game, and when LiAngelo was a member of an undefeated national champion squad. Conveniently left out however, was that the team that year was led by Lonzo.

Lavar Ball has made it quite known that the end goal is getting all three of his boys playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. It is a wild dream, but he's already willed one son to the promised land. Taking this unconventional route has all the pitfalls to blow up in his face. If he succeeds though, it may become more of a trend that should worry the NCAA.