The Big Baller Brand (BBB) is causing media frenzy after it introduced LaMelo Ball's own signature shoes. According to the latest reports, this move by the brand could jeopardize the younger Ball's chances of playing basketball in college. In a report by Yahoo Sport, LaVar Ball is apparently more interested in making money out of his brand than securing his son's NCAA spot.

On Thursday, August 31, 2017, BBB announced on Twitter the arrival of LaMelo Ball's signature shoes called "Melo Ball 1." He will be the first and youngest player to ever have a shoe named after him when he enters college.

Unfortunately, this could also mean a bigger challenge to the player and his outspoken father LaVar Ball. The NCAA has a long standing rule of disallowing players to promote any commercial brand using their name or including its logos in subsequent advertisements.

The 'Melo Ball 1'

LaMelo Ball and the BBB brand is currently enjoying the pros of his signature shoes as Chino Hills High School is laxer in implementing such rules. Apparently, Ball is allowed to profit from his shoe brand provided, he will not use the school's name or logo in any of its existing or upcoming shoe advertisements.

In NCAA, the rule of allowing high school players promoting a specific brand prior to entering the college is allowed, but not for pay. If LaVar Ball is capitalizing on his 16-year-old son's underage status, he may be succeeding, but NCAA rules will eventually have to investigate whether the proceeds to LaVar's brand can be considered as "pay." It's not about the brand or the fact that LaMelo is just 16 Yrs.

old. Analysts say it's the compliance that will hinder his chances of playing College Basketball.

NCAA vs the BBB brand

In a statement by a former compliance coordinator, he said: "It is a huge red flag from a compliance standpoint. I don’t see how it would not affect him as he is profiting off athletic utility.” LaVar has since discussed with ESPN the extent of his decision too early promote his son's shoes.

According to him, they will deal with the issue when it comes, further suggesting that he's not even concerned about his son not being able to play college.

LaVar Ball's incessant declaration of being unfazed by the NCAA ruling is seen to catch up on him, but for now, it looks like the BBB brand is more concerned about the latest "Melo Ball 1" advertisement. For those who have not seen it, watch the video below: