Last week’s rumor that Paige would return to Raw had fans in a frenzy. With speculation that she’d be the last woman on RAW’s women’s team for Survivor Series, viewers were excited about the prospect of the anti-Diva making a grand comeback. However, they were left disappointed when Paige didn’t show and Bayley secured a spot for Survivor Series.

After the letdown from last week, fans were beginning to give up on a Paige return anytime soon. But last night when her music hit, everyone went wild when Paige appeared on stage. The former Divas champion announced that she was back, and now the entire RAW women’s division is on notice.

Paige's injury

Since the summer of 2016, Paige has been out with a neck injury. After undergoing surgery and an extensive recovery, the star began focusing on getting back to the squared circle. Months ago she started training down at WWE’s developmental center, awaiting word on when she’d be approved to return to the main roster.

Originally, Paige was drafted to RAW during the 2016 Superstar Shakeup. But reports suggest that she was being moved to Smackdown instead. Despite the brand switch, fans were excited about Paige’s comeback and began speculating on which star she’d feud with. With the likes of Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Naomi, and Natalya on the blue brand; Paige had a lot of ladies to feud with.

Yet, WWE scrapped their plans for a Smackdown move and opted to have Paige on RAW. Much like the blue brand, the red team had a slew of worthy opponents including Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Alexa Bliss. As reports circulated that Paige would come back around Survivor Series, fans patiently awaited the arrival of their favorite goth diva.

A triumphant return

Last night viewers tuned into Monday Night RAW to see the aftermath of Survivor Series. When RAW women’s champion Alexa Bliss entered the ring to claim no woman in the locker room is worthy of her title, many expected Paige to come out. Instead, Mickie James, Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Alicia Fox came out to stack their claim as number one contender.

What followed was a Fatal Four Way match to determine which woman would get a championship shot.

As the Fatal Four Way began, fans began to lose hope that Paige would make an appearance. Yet, during the middle of the match, her music hit causing a ruckus with fans everywhere. Stepping out on to the stage, Paige announced to the entire world that she was back. However, she was soon joined by her two new friends, NXT stars Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

The three ladies quickly ambushed Bayley, Sasha, and Mickie; but that wasn’t the end of their attacks. During a backstage segment, Alexa Bliss offered her congratulations to Paige. The gesture didn’t impress Paige, who along with Mandy and Sonya’s help gave Little Miss Bliss a beating.

Following last night’s impressive return, Paige has shown she’s definitely back and better than ever. With her new stable of Mandy and Sonya, there’s going to be no stopping these ladies. The next step in Paige’s return is bound to be a championship match for the RAW Women’s championship. Paige versus Alexa Bliss is a dream match for WWE fans. When the two finally get into the ring, they’ll no doubt put on an excellent match.