The latest WWE "Raw" rumors suggest that roster member Paige is working towards a comeback soon. While that's great news for the former Divas Champion and her fans around the world, it's unknown when or where Paige will return for the WWE Universe. She was a member of a particular roster before being suspended for several months and then taking time away to deal with injury issues. Now she's ready to return, but where will Paige end up, on the "Raw" or "SmackDown Live" roster?

Latest Paige updates

Paige sent out a huge update on her Twitter and other social media several days ago which showed that she was at WWE's Performance Center located in Orlando, Florida.

The former champion said it was a "good day" in her caption which led fans to believe she was training in the ring again. That's how it appears to be based on another tweet she sent forth.

Recently on her "@RealPaigeWWE" account, the "Anti-Diva" noted she was "having so much fun" at the Performance Center after day 3 and that she was on the "#RoadBackToMyHouse" according to her hashtag. The news of Paige's arrival has sent fans buzzing about it, with WWE posting a video to also tease the superstar's return to action. Fans have also been posting videos as they anticipate Paige's return to the WWE ring.

It's great news for WWE fans of Paige, as well as Paige herself.

It seems she has found that inner spark and love for professional wrestling again as she works towards making a big return. This could be what helps her rediscover herself after dealing with a variety of setbacks outside the ring.

'Raw' or 'SmackDown' roster?

Before Paige was suspended by WWE for Wellness Policy violations, she had been a member of the WWE "Raw" roster.

Paige was also part of the WWE Draft way back in July of 2016. She has been away from WWE since last year and dealing with a neck injury in addition to suspensions, leaked explicit personal content, and issues with her fiancee, former WWE star Alberto Del Rio. That's a lot of issues for the young star to have dealt with.

The WWE rumors circulating about Paige have indicated she is going to make a return to the "blue brand." Paige would make a good addition to "SmackDown Live" as it's been reported that former NXT Champion Asuka will be headed for the "Raw" roster.

There's only limited space for the women's contenders on each of the two rosters.

Either way, fans will certainly pop once Paige's music hits and she returns to one of the two WWE shows. It's been a long time coming for Paige to reclaim her house in the women's division.