Winning an NBA championship is not an easy task, but some teams are making it much easier by forming super teams. Nearly every championship of this decade was won by an NBA Super Team, and it seems that we will see many more of such teams in the future. While winning it all takes a full team effort, it is clear that teams with most All-Star players are favorites to be NBA champions.

At the moment, the Golden State Warriors are the best team in the NBA and their super team is simply ahead of everyone else. Unlike previous super teams that won a championship, such as the 2013 Miami Heat or the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers, the Warriors do not have three, but four superstars on their team.

However, we might get another super team with four amazing players as the "Banana Boat Crew" could join forces next year.

James-Wade-Paul-Anthony super team quartet

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony could form another super team, and that super team would compete with the Warriors for a title. James and Wade are already teammates in Cleveland, so they would just need to bring their other two friends to join them next summer. Having Paul and Anthony join the Cleveland Cavaliers shouldn't be hard as both of them are on expiring contract.

Carmelo Anthony has a $27.9 million player option for the next season, and he will most likely reject it if the Oklahoma City Thunder don't achieve much success.

On the other side, Chris Paul is paid just under $24.3 million this season and his contract will expire next summer.

Of course, joining the Cavaliers and forming a super team would mean that all of these four players would have to give up a lot of money, and some of them might not be willing to do it. In addition, the Houston Rockets are the best team in the West, and if they get deep in the playoffs, Paul might decide to sign another contract with them.

Other super team destinations

While the Cleveland Cavaliers would be the best destination for the super team because of Wade and James, there are a few other teams who other teams who could assemble this quartet.

Despite doing well this season, the Houston Rockets could bring the Wade-James-Anthony trio to play with Chris Paul.

In addition, they would have James Harden and there is no doubt they would be clear favorites to win a championship. However, Harden's huge contract would force the other four players to leave too much money on the table.

Beside the Rockets and the Cavs, it wouldn't be surprising to see Wade and LeBron go back to the Miami Heat and bring their friends along. However, just like the Rockets, the Heat wouldn't have much salary cap and this wouldn't be possible unless the team pulls a few big trades to create additional cap space.