Once again, the Miami Heat are off to another slow start of a season and it doesn't seem that they will be able to go deep in the playoffs next year. After 16 games, the Heat are 7-9 and their last loss came at home against the Indiana Pacers. Things are looking bad for the Heat right now, but it's still too early to make any serious prediction, especially what the team achieved last season.

Even though the Heat are currently one of the worst teams in the NBA, they have a big fanbase and are still one of the most popular basketball teams. Miami managed to establish a winning culture, and the team always gives 100 percent in order to win it all.

Despite things not going well for them right now, there is no doubt they will find a way to bounce back and start winning games.

There have been many ups and downs throughout the Heat history, but most loyal fans have always stayed with the team. Are you one of those fans? Take a Quiz below and check how much you know about your favorite NBA team!

Miami Heat quiz

There will be 10 questions in the Miami Heat quiz and some of them will be extremely difficult. Fortunately, you will be given multiple choices which will make things easier. From draft picks to winning streams, the quiz will test your knowledge of the Miami Heat and the franchise history. Do you think you have what it takes to answer it all correctly and get 10 points?

Note: This is an interactive quiz, if the quiz doesn't load, please click this link and try again.

Quiz questions:

  • Who was the last Miami Heat player to win a 3-point contest?
  • How many seasons (including 2005/06) did Pat Riley coach the Heat for?
  • Who was the second-best scorer on the Heat in 2009?
  • What's the franchise record for most wins in a single season?
  • Who was the highest draft pick in the Heat history?
  • How many times have the Heat lost in the NBA Finals?
  • What was the longest Winning Streak for the Miami Heat last season?
  • Did Dwyane Wade lead Miami in scoring in his last season with the team?
  • Who is the all-time Heat leader in rebounding average?
  • What's the longest winning streak in the franchise history?

Quiz results

Once you are done answering all 10 questions in the Miami Heat quiz, you will receive your results and see how many questions you answered correctly.

There will be four different results and "Heat Legend" will be the best result you can get. To get this result, you will have to give either 9 or 10 correct answers.

After you get your quiz result, feel free to post it below in the comment section and show us how well you know the Miami Heat!