Playing at a high level is very difficult in the NBA, and playing at a high level for 15 years is nearly impossible. There have been only a few players who managed to play in the league for over 15 years without suffering a significant drop in their production. LeBron James is one of those players, and even though he is currently in his 15th NBA season, he isn't slowing down and could play well for a few more years.

Even though the Cleveland Cavaliers have struggled this season, LeBron James has played well consistently and he is one of the top MVP candidates once again.

What he is doing is amazing, and as long as he is in Cleveland, the Cavaliers will be one of the favorites to win a championship. The four-time MVP is leading the league in minutes played, and NBA legends Tracy Mcgrady and Paul Pierce are impressed with what they have seen from LeBron so far this season.

T-Mac praises LeBron James

LeBron James is currently averaging 38.6 minutes per game, which is his highest playing time average in last seven years. He has logged 617 minutes so far in the season, 27 minutes more than the next player who has appeared in 16 games. James has to play more because four of his teammates are injured, and despite his heavy minutes, he still finds ways to perform highlight plays and entertain the crowd.

Tracy McGrady recently talked about LeBron and his incredible athleticism. "I don't think people know how hard that is in the 15th year in amount of minutes he's logged in," said McGrady when talking about James' steal and a breakaway dunk he had against the Charlotte Hornets. "He's the most conditioned athlete I've ever seen in my life," the Houston Rockets legend added.

McGrady also agreed that leading the league in minutes will take a toll on James, but he also understood that the Cavaliers forward has to do it since his team cannot count on Derrick Rose, Isaiah Thomas, Tristan Thompson, and Iman Shumpert.

Paul Pierce weighs in

Paul Pierce, one of the biggest rivals LeBron had in his career, also had some words of praise for the Cavaliers forward.

"I would say it will take a toll on him, but we're witnessing the greatest athlete of our generation," said Pierce. "Or maybe ever," he added.

The former Boston Celtics forward was rather optimistic about the Cavaliers, saying that LeBron has to carry the load for now, but he will rest for a few games once his team gets healthy. "The NBA is a marathon," said Pierce.