While the Nebraska Football coaches have been careful to avoid answering the question as to whether or not the team quit against Minnesota, there are some veteran players who clearly though some did. After the Gophers game, a number of team leaders stood up and made sure they talked to their teammates, with the goal being not to see a repeat of the lack of effort against Penn State.

Junior nose tackle Mick Stoltenberg was one of those who saw something he definitely didn't like during the game against the Golden Gophers. Stoltenberg is the one who tends to lead the team in prayer before the games.

According to 247Sports, he also made sure his voice would rise above the din after the game.

Nebraska football veteran made his voice heard

"I just wanted to keep the guys together," Stoltenberg told the website. "Definitely after something like that, the easy way out would be to definitely give up and kind of let the season end the way it is. But I really want this team to stay together." The fact that he had to say those words might be the only thing left we need to learn about this season. The Cornhuskers are at a kind of turning point. This has already become a lost season. If the team loses the will to fight, then one wonders how long it will take to rebuild.

Mike Riley can talk all he wants about how the players are not going to quit, but the players themselves have to step up and say the same at some point.

Stoltenberg is doing his part in attempting to make sure that happens. The question is whether or not it's enough at this point in the season. The veteran defender seems to know that he wants to make sure the team keeps working, not just in the regular season but also once the offseason comes.

How the Cornhuskers respond will speak volumes

Stoltenberg and the rest of the Huskers know that how they respond in the final two games, as well as the offseason is going to determine the direction of the school moving forward. The "offseason" could come as soon as November 25th. Not long after that, Mike Riley might be shown the door.

A new coach isn't going to take too kindly to watching film of games like the one the Huskers played against Minnesota. If that same lack of effort is there when it comes to taking on Penn State and Iowa, a whole sale house cleaning could be on the horizon. You also have to wonder that if Stoltenberg's words fall on deaf ears, just how lost is this Nebraska football team moving forward?