When the dust settles on the Nebraska Football program this spring, Mikale Wilbon could have a brand new role. The running back out of Chicago has been fighting hard to win the starting job since practices kicked off and it appears the coaches are noticing. One thing they've long noticed is he is more than a back who can carry the rock. Wilbon came to Nebraska with very good receiving skills. If he can sharpen his pass blocking and ball carrying skills, he might become the most dynamic back the Huskers have on the roster.

Nebraska football would love to have a pass catcher at running back

Mike Riley and company have made no bones about the fact that they want to throw the ball more in 2017. We're likely about to see what the Riley offense really looks like up close and personal. Luckily for us, we should be able to see the offense running Nebraska football level talent, rather than what was at Oregon State. One of the things that would make that offense nearly unstoppable is if the team had a running back who could catch a ton of passes out of the backfield. You might remember one of the first things the coaches said when they were evaluation Tanner Lee and Patrick O'Brien was that they were checking down well.

The check down pass can be deadly, if you have a weapon on the end of the throw.

2017 Nebraska football's version of Marlon Lucky

No, most Nebraska football fans aren't going to love a comparison to Marlon Lucky, because it means we have to talk about Bill Callahan. Once Husker fans get past that bias, it bears pointing out that Lucky was a very talented back who had one some eye-popping numbers.

Those eye-popping numbers were mind-blowing in 2007, where Lucky rushed for 1,019 yards and nine touchdowns. Those numbers are good enough all on their own. When you add in the fact that he also had 75 receptions for 705 yards, it's mighty impressive. If Nebraska could get those kinds of numbers from someone like Mikale Wilbon, it would be a safe bet the Huskers' offense was very much on track.