The Nebraska football team has had a rather up and down 2017 season. The rollercoaster of emotions Cornhusker fans are likely feeling on Sunday might have just taken a rather big downturn. One of the biggest recruits in the Huskers 2017 recruiting class just visited one of Nebraska’s biggest rivals and now there are more than a few recruiting experts who believe that school might have the upper hand.

Brendan Radley-Hiles, better known as “Bookie” among Nebraska football fans, took a trip to Norman over the weekend. A few reports suggested the defensive back recruit thoroughly enjoyed what the Sooners had to show him.

247Sports has even gone so far as to issue quite a few of what they call their “Crystal Balls,” now claiming Bookie is headed to Oklahoma.

Nebraska football losing its grip?

The big question that Husker fans need to ask themselves is how many of these rumors are really true. Bookie had been talking about taking visits almost right after the season started. This was despite the fact that he’s been a long time Husker commit.

So far, he’s remained a member of the Cornhusker recruiting class, despite the massive amount of attention he’s been getting from other schools. The problem is that the chances he might leave, even if he currently doesn’t have an interest in doing so, could increase over the course of the season.

Uncertainty surrounding the Cornhuskers

When the Huskers were down by 12 to Purdue, there were few Husker fans who believed mike riley was going to get another season. Even with the come from behind win, there are few people who believe he has much of a shot at being the coach in Lincoln in 2018.

While fans are excited about the prospects of a new head coach, one thing they don’t take into account is the very real effects a change at the top is going to have on recruits.

Several of the players the Huskers are looking to reel in have talked about the relationships they have forged with the coaching staff.

There is certainly the old adage that a player commits to a school and not a coaching staff. That adage tends to ignore the fact that players are real human beings. While they are committing to the school, they are likely committing because of the coaches.

If the Nebraska football team does fire Mike Riley and company, they should expect at least some defections from those that have committed. It appears that if things go down the wrong way, Bookie could be one of those defections.