After watching NFL football Sunday, it is clear that teams are beginning to transition into playoff picture football. In most divisions across the league, there are tight record races between teams who have been competing hard all year. After trading away Adrian Peterson to the Arizona Cardinals, the new orleans Saints have been trying to find their new and improved identity. On Sunday, they were scheduled to play a Tampa Bay Buccaneers team who have been questioned throughout the season when it concerns the product they produce on the field. If the Buccaneers could stop Drew Bress and the Saints air attack the team could potentially steal a division win in week nine.

No answers for the Bucs

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers struggled to produce again against their inter-division rival. Their inability to score an offensive touchdown put their defense on the train tracks. It was inevitable that Drew Bress was ready to attack. He threw for more than 200 yards as Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara combined for 100 yards rushing on the day. Jameis Winston exited the game with a left shoulder injury after receiving a hit in the third quarter. Although injured, Winston was still able to contribute to the game from the sideline. Winston acted as an antagonist, starting a scuffle between his starting wide receiver Mike Evans and a New Orleans Saints cornerback. It was clear that Jameis was not able to help his team on or off the field.

His 67 yards passing was not enough to help the Buccaneers come back from a 27-point deficit.

How long will Winston be out?

Although the Buccaneers loss was inevitable, they cannot be happy with the performance they are receiving from their starting quarterback. Winston's current quarterback rating is 88.3 which is not good enough to win the NFC South.

The Bucs are currently sitting at the bottom of their division. As the Saints (6-2) try to secure their position in first place, the Buccaneers are falling out of playoff contention. The team has accumulated seven losses, one behind the .500 mark. It is often said that any team that is not able to obtain ten regular season wins has a tighter window of making the playoffs.

The NFC is host to the leagues most feared teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles which makes it hard for Tampa to make a comeback. With a Jameis Winston injury leaving him as questionable, Tampa Bay may need to start planning for next year’s playoff run.