Alvin Kamara has become one of the top offensive rookies in the NFL and has helped make the New Orleans Saints a legitimate playoff contender. He has become a top-notch third-down running back and his future couldn't be brighter.

Looking ahead to the Saints' Week 9 matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kamara is primed to have a big game.

Proven success through seven games

Throughout the first seven games of the 2017 NFL season with the Saints, Kamara has carried the football 42 times for 243 yards and two touchdowns.

He has also caught 31 passes for 257 yards and a touchdown. Those numbers show the impact that Kamara has had in his first seven career games for the Saints.

New Orleans has been primarily a passing offense in recent years. That has changed this season with Kamara and the re-emergence of Mark Ingram. Kamara and Ingram played well enough that the Saints traded Adrian Peterson to the Arizona Cardinals.

Why will the Saints' rookie have a big game vs. Tampa Bay?

Why is Kamara heading for a big game against the Buccaneers? Quite simply, the Buccaneers have given up 111.7 yards per game on the ground. Ingram may chew up a good number of those yards, but Kamara's ability to break a big play will come into play and he should break a long run or two.

Tampa Bay is also ranked just No. 27 against the pass, which bodes well for Kamara this week. He has been a major threat for Drew Brees out of the backfield this season and that will continue this week. Kamara will be a matchup nightmare for the Buccaneers and will have opportunities to make plays out of the backfield as a receiver.

Kamara may not be a workhorse back in the NFL, but he is the type of playmaker that every team needs in their offense.

At just 22 years old, Kamara has already proven himself. New Orleans may not be a Super Bowl contender this season, but they have rebuilt their roster the right way and aren't too far off. If their young players develop the way that they are capable of, the Saints are going to be a tough team to beat for a long time.

All of that being said, Week 9 is going to be yet another statement game for Kamara. Around 125 total yards and two touchdowns would be a reasonable expectation for him this week. New Orleans has yet another chance to make a statement in the NFC and they will need their rookie running back to help them do that.

Expect to see Kamara come out with a chip on his shoulder and put up big numbers. New Orleans would be smart to use him early and often this week against a Tampa Bay defense that won't have any answers for him.

Do you think Alvin Kamara is a future star? Will he become an every down running back in the future? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!