In 2011 when the Carolina Panthers organization drafted Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, they knew that he was going to be something special. At the time Carolina was in need of not only a quarterback but a leader. Most teams in the NFL begin their championship runs with a new innovation at quarterback. Household names such as Drew Bress, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Matt Ryan have all had to rebuild their team's morale though their play during their career.

The National Football League watched as these individuals took the league by storm one by one, elevating their team and city to higher places.

On February 7th, 2016, Cam Newton was able to make his first appearance in an NFL Super Bowl. Not only was it his first time on the Super Bowl stage, but it was Carolina's first time participating in the big dance since February 2004. It is clear that Cam Newton has the physical ability to lead his team to the promised land when he is playing at an optimal level. After two weeks of exceptional football, can Newton continue to play at a High Level?

What have you done for me lately?

This season has been a blessing so far for Carolina. Their 4-1 record has been the result of resilience and determination. The fifth spot in the power rankings belongs solely to the hardworking Panthers who are currently sitting in the first spot in the NFC South rankings.

When you compare the Panthers' averages per game to other NFL teams, you will not be able to see their true equation for success. Besides playing good enough football to win NFL games, the team morale has been off the charts since their 33-30 win over the New England Patriots. Cam's performance during his face-off against the Pats sparked the team locker room.

He finished the regular season exhibition match with 316 yards passing along with 2 touchdowns. There was a repeat performance the following week against the Detroit Lions. Cam threw for another 355 passing yards and added 3 more touchdowns to his total.

When Cam is on his game the Panthers have not lost. According to ESPN, when Newton protects the ball and does not throw interceptions the Panthers have a better chance of winning.

Flying high

Yes, the road so far for the Carolina Panthers has been pretty exciting. When you are able to beat Tom Brady during the regular season you know as a team you have something special inside your organization. This week the Carolina Panthers have to face-off against the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that has also been on their "A game." Philadelphia is currently ranked 3rd in yards per game and only gives up an average of 19.8 points per game during the regular season. Cam Newton will be put to the test for the third week in a row. If he does not continue to produce against good teams, the Panthers' season will slowly fade away. The question remains: How consistent can Cam Newton be?