isaiah thomas was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers a few months ago, yet he still hasn't played a single game for the team. The point guard has been sidelined with a hip injury since the last season's playoffs, and it is still unknown when he will return. Considering that the Cavaliers gave up Kyrie Irving in the trade for Thomas, they expect him to come back to action soon and help the team get to the top of the standings.

According to the latest update, Thomas will return in December. Cavaliers fans expect him to be back before Christmas this year, but Isaiah Thomas recently teased them with a message on his Twitter account.

While his tweet might be related to something else, it appears that the superstar point guard.

Thomas is locked in

Isaiah Thomas was the third-best scorer in the NBA last season with 28.9 points per game. He had a breakout season with the Boston Celtics, but his team couldn't beat the Cavaliers in the playoffs. Thomas got injured during the series and he hasn't played in a single game since then.

In the meantime, the Celtics traded the injured guard to Cleveland, and the Cavaliers fans are eager to see him play. Just a few days ago, Thomas was seen participating in a contact practice, and it seems that he's recovering very fast. While the Cavaliers expect him to return before the end of the year, the point guard might be ahead of schedule.

"Locked in! It's almost time," is what Thomas posted on his Twitter account.

Isaiah Thomas' tweet could mean anything, but he most likely teased his fans with a return date. Considering how quickly he is recovering, it wouldn't be surprising if he returns very soon.

The Cavaliers are shorthanded and Derrick Rose may not return to the team, so they could definitely use Thomas.

When will Isaiah Thomas return?

Isaiah Thomas obviously didn't reveal his return date, but his latest tweet indicates that he could be back very soon. At the moment, the Cleveland Cavaliers are on a seven-game winning streak and they don't need to rush anything.

However, the point guard could use a few games to get adapted to the team and get it going.

The Cavaliers will open their December with a game against the Memphis Grizzlies, followed by the games against the Chicago Bulls and the Sacramento Kings. Considering that these games should be relatively easy, it would be surprising to see Thomas come back and get some minutes if Cleveland manages to get a big lead.