Cleveland Cavaliers are on a six-game winning streak, but it appears that they just can't catch a break when it comes to problems with the roster. Even though their players are expected to come back to action in the following few weeks, it appears that the Cavs won't be able to count on Derrick Rose. Rose is away from the team and he is thinking about his future in the NBA.

There is a good chance that Rose decides to retire, and if this happens, the Cavaliers could be in big problems. They gave him a contract hoping he could be a major contributor in the playoffs, but considering the current situation, the point guard may not be available for the postseason.

The Cavaliers are in a win-now mode, and a league source revealed that they might be close to pulling a big trade for a superstar.

Cavaliers to consider a superstar trade

While Derrick Rose is a point guard, the Cavaliers will try to improve their roster by strengthening their center position. According to Joe Vardon of, the Cleveland Cavaliers would consider swapping Tristan Thompson for DeAndre Jordan. Jordan, who currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, would be a fantastic addition to Cleveland.

Jordan is one of the best big men in the league and he's the second-best rebounder with 13.8 boards per game. In addition, he is a decent shot blocker and he's a very efficient inside scorer.

One of the biggest weaknesses the Cavaliers have is rebounding and inside presence, so this trade could solve many problems.

Tristan Thompson is still injured, but he is expected to return to action very soon. The big man could come back this week, so it won't be surprising if the Cavaliers start making trade offers for DeAndre Jordan.

Realistic trade for Jordan

Trading Thompson for Jordan would be realistic, especially considering that the Clippers big man has a player option on his contract for the next year. If he accepts it, he will be paid over $24 million, and that is probably not something the Clippers would like. On the other side, DeAndre Jordan would be considered a one-year rental for the Cavaliers, and that is something they don't mind considering their situation.

As for the Clippers, Tristan Thompson has three more years left on his contract. Even though he is slightly overpaid for a big man whose game is limited, he will be paid nearly $7 million less than Jordan next year. In addition, the Clippers could receive the 2018 first-round pick from the Cavaliers.