The Bears suffered yet another loss yesterday at the hands of the NFL's top team, the Philadelphia Eagles. The 31-3 beat down dropped the Bears record to 3-8 as they face likely another losing season. Ever since beating the Carolina Panthers in week 7, the Bears have not won a game. A lot went wrong yesterday for the Bears, but one thing has remained consistently questionable and that is the coaching.

Head coach John Fox is in his third year in Chicago and has an overall record of 12-31, which includes just three NFC North wins and one road win in the last two seasons.

While trying to develop young players including Mitchell Trubisky, his conservative game and lack of offensive schemes that work with his coordinator Dowell Loggains have not helped the team improved and people are down with Fox. Over the past few weeks, there have been numerous outcries from people for Fox to be fired, including online with the hashtag, FireFox.

The hashtag: FireFox

This first broke out on social media some time back, but it really gained traction after the loss to the Aaron Rodgers-less Packers two weeks ago. People have gotten creative and used the hashtag with an image of the Mozilla Firefox logo. It began on twitter but it has made its way into the games itself as a Bears fan in Philadelphia was seen in the front row holding a sign with the Firefox symbol on it.

Chicago fans may be upset about the coaching situation, but at least they have been creative in voicing their displeasure.

While #FireFox has been a thing among Bears fans for some time now, the sign used at the Eagles-Bears game has helped give the campaign national attention. #FireFox has even trended on Twitter several times after Bears loss yesterday, and the past two losses against the Lions and Packers.

Fox's future

It would be very surprising to see Fox fired before Black Monday, even though it would have been justifiable to let him go before that.

While the online outcry is for Fox to be let go immediately, the Bears have not been known to fire a coach in-season. Fox will probably ride the rest of this year out before parting ways perhaps as soon as Black Monday. While he could have easily been fired already, he clearly will be left alone the remainder of this season.

Fox was asked about his job security in the post-game presser yesterday and responded with, "Frankly, I don't give a rip." It is possible that he already knows he is gone after this year, or perhaps he just does not want to hear about it. Regardless, the Bears fanbase will likely get their #FireFox wish when the season concludes.