Cleveland Cavaliers All-star point guard Isaiah Thomas is eager and excited to get back to the court after suffering a hip injury that has bothered him for the last few months. And he is looking toward the future, relishing the idea of being in the playoffs once again, and is excited at the possibility of the different opponents he may be up against.

Although Isaiah’s presence has not been seen out on the basketball court, the Cavaliers’ fans, teammates, and organization have still felt a contribution from the All-Star point guard. His vocal leadership is heard each and every game, and he is always there to celebrate a game-winner, crossover, or putback dunk from one of his teammates on the court.

And we all know there is nothing Isaiah wants more right now than to get back on the hardwood and suit up in a Cavaliers uniform, and although he is very impatient he understands it’s a long process, he calls his rehab the “slow grind.” But one thing that certainly won’t be slow, will be Isaiah’s dribbling up the court once he returns. Isaiah recently looked toward the playoffs and talked about a possible playoff matchup opponent. A report by CBS Sports talked about Thomas and his outlook on the season.

Isaiah wants to play his old team in the playoffs

Isaiah Thomas felt disrespected by the Boston Celtics organization when he was traded a few months ago for All-Star guard, Kyrie Irving. He felt that he had done so much for the organization and the trade was a stab in the back.

But at the same time, he was happy with the trade and excited to play alongside LeBron James and his new Cavs teammates. Although the injury has delayed that, he is still eager to get back on the court and make a difference. With all the news about the Celtics in recent weeks after they went on a 14-game winning streak, Isaiah Thomas was asked about the possibility of himself returning from injury and his team facing the C’s in the playoffs, Isaiah responded with: “Oh that would be lovely… That would be a special moment.”

Isaiah obviously feels he has a lot to get out on the basketball court, and he wants nothing less than to destroy the Celtics on the basketball court.

Are the Celtics overrated?

A 14-game winning streak is impressive, to say the least, especially without Gordon Hayward, but the expectations for the Celtics have reached a new level. Recently, Warriors star Stephen Curry went on record saying he believes the Celtics will make the 2018 NBA Finals instead of the Cavaliers. This is the same guy who has faced the Cavs in the last three Finals.

A lot of people believe the Celtics pose a threat to the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference, saying they will defeat Cleveland in a seven-game series. But for Thomas, he has always been doubted, and he looks forward to proving the doubters wrong once again. This is a mission to defeat the Celtics in the East Finals and reach the NBA Finals for the first time in his career.