It only took a simple Instagram post of Arthur with a clenched fist to cause a stir in the media this past week when LeBron posted just that on his Instagram with the caption “Mood." This was after the Cavaliers had gotten off to a terrible start, and seemingly the Cavaliers Eastern Conference rivals, the Boston Celtics had won 10 games in a row. Although he didn’t identify his exact meaning in the post, brushing it off and saying that he just likes Arthur, many people speculated what the post was about.

Many people believed he was expressing his anger at the Cavaliers' slow start to the season, and his ex-teammate Kyrie Irving having a terrific start to the season with his Boston Celtics team.

That could very well be the case, but we will never know. However, after two straight wins, one of them being a 23-point comeback victory against the trash-talking New York Knicks, the Cavaliers players decided to take to their Instagrams to have some fun.

Everyone loves Arthur

It all started with the newest Cavalier point guard Isaiah Thomas, who juxtaposed LeBron’s Instagram photo a few days earlier, instead of a somewhat unhappy Arthur, he posted a happy and joyful picture of Arthur. This resembled the Cavaliers “mood” after their huge victory over the Knicks at the Madison Square Garden. After I.T., Dwyane Wade joined in followed by Channing Frye, then eventually almost the whole squad. Here are just a few:

The whole "Arthur" situation has become one massive meme for the Cleveland Cavaliers after their superstar forward LeBron James received a lot of unwarranted criticism for his original post with Arthur’s fist clenched, as seen below.

The Cavaliers are bonding

With a bunch of new players added to the Cavaliers' roster this season, including Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Jeff Green, Jose Calderon, Ante Zizic, Cedi Osman, Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose, it was obvious that the chemistry would not be perfect right away. Many critics expected instant greatness from the Cavaliers due to their seemingly stacked roster, but limited time playing together, injuries and lack of chemistry have slowed that down.

Tristan Thompson, Derrick Rose and Isaiah Thomas are currently out with injuries, while Iman Shumpert, Kevin Love and LeBron James have also had small injuries so far this season, so it is no surprise the Cavaliers have not found their niche yet.

However, this Instagram gag has seemingly connected the Cavaliers teammates. Off the court, chemistry is known to be just as important as on-court chemistry, and if the Cavs continue to gain cohesiveness as a team in the locker room, they will be a better team this season and will likely get back to their dominant performances.