The Cleveland Cavaliers had a very successful big three leading the way for three straight seasons, until their superstar point guard Kyrie Irving decided to request a trade in the 2017 offseason. LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving led the Cleveland Cavaliers to the second seed in the Eastern Conference and to the NBA Finals in 2015, although injuries to Love and Irving prevented them from participating in the Finals series, as the Cavaliers lost 4-2. The following year, they outdid themselves, finishing with the best record in the Eastern Conference and once again making it to the NBA Finals.

This time, however, defeating the Golden State Warriors in 7 games as part of an historic comeback after being down 3-1 against the greatest regular season team in NBA history.

The following year, the Warriors team brought in more talent in the form of Kevin Durant, and a third straight trip to the Finals ended in a 4-1 loss for the Cavaliers. Not long after this, the Cavaliers' star point guard decided he did not want to play with the team anymore and was sent to the Boston Celtics in a trade.

Since then, the Cavaliers have not had their star player at the point guard position. Although Derrick Rose has shown some life, they have been without isaiah thomas all season, as he is recovering from an injury.

This injury is one he ironically suffered in the playoff series against the Cavaliers last season, when Thomas was a member of the Boston Celtics. That said, his return is getting closer and closer, and one of the Cavaliers' biggest names is excited about it.

LeBron has missed not having a point guard

Although he achieved a lot of success in his four years in Miami without having a significant point guard, LeBron James knows the importance of having a great point guard in today’s league, and although he has played a little PG this season for his team, he prefers the idea of having a great point guard to set him up over doing it all himself.

So far this season, for about half the games so far, the King has had the helping hand of Derrick Rose who has performed well, but an ankle injury has kept him out the last few games. So, King James is really looking forward to the return of all-star Isaiah Thomas, who is a proven superstar in the league and will really help them get out of the slump they are in.

LeBron James alerted the media that it has been a while since he has had a teammate that can be a great scorer and also get others involved at the same time, and that he looks forward to playing with Isaiah Thomas.

Everyone is forgetting Isaiah

The Cavaliers have received a lot of criticism in recent weeks over their weak performances, but it seems that people are forgetting that they’re without their star point guard, Isaiah Thomas. Thomas made sure to remind people that he destroyed their favorite point guards last season in a recent quote, but, with a bunch of new players and injuries, it is no surprise that the Cavs haven’t been at their best this early in the season.

Although Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade have given the Cavs some significant scoring and passing, LeBron is excited about the return of last year's Eastern Conference scoring leader.